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dont dye your lacrosse heads or mesh

by tyler willging

Dying your lacrosse head will weaken the plastic and if you throw it on the ground hard enough, its most likely to break; and if you catch a throw too hard, your head will most likely break.

Dying your lacrosse mesh will weaken the mesh so that it will most likely rip over time as you use it more and more, and dying your lacrosse mesh will stiffen up your mesh alot.

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Mar 28, 2013
by: Anonymous

You guys are wrong. I just strung a head yesterday for a friend and he had dyed his head right before (this is a brand new clutch x). Today a strong poke check took the thong to peices

Feb 09, 2013
You are so wrong
by: Anonymous

that is so wrong. You have no idea hwat your talking about. I have been dying mesh and head for like 2 year and taht never happens.

Feb 28, 2012
captain obvious over here
by: Anonymous

obviously if you throw your head on the ground hard enough it will break? doesnt matter if you dye your head it will be the same just look sick. and your mesh will rip or fray over time anyways but dyeing it does mess it up a bit.

Feb 23, 2012
Nope. You're wrong.
by: Anonymous

Dyeing your head does not weaken the head. The mesh will form differently and most likely tear but dyeing your head makes no difference.

May 14, 2010
by: Anonymous

Dont dye ur f'n mesh

Jun 25, 2009
dyeing spraypaint
by: trust me

i have one of those cheap stx av8s and those things need pinched more whell idont use it anymore but i hav itand i died it and pinchd it and dyed the mesh and spray paint is your best friend when it comes to sotfer mesh that your pocket gets like 10 feet deep in wet weather then shallow mabe even hard when dry. so what i am sayin is you can dye your heads but if u spray your head it will look groose and chipped. also selant spray works to so only spray mesh and stuff ok

May 31, 2009
My opinion
by: Chris

I dyed my lacrosse stick 4 years ago, yes it becomes more flexible, but my head is still in great condition. dying mesh is a bad idea, it will tear eventually and sometimes it can give your mesh an undesired shape or feeling... if you don't know how to dye your head, don't wing it, you may end up with a melted hundred dollar lacrosse head.

thnx for reading


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