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Stickbrain Report, Issue #002
February 22, 2008
Hello Stickbrain


Stickbrain Report - 003 - February 23, 2008


No need to try to keep up with all of the new stuff that is going on at Along with great tips, articles, news, and features, this newsletter will let you review what's new on the website, and only check out those things you are interested in, without having to surf through our entire 150 plus web pages and growing at

Message from Jamey,

As we role out the initial issues of the Stickbrain Report I just want to thank you fellow ™Stickbrain's for all of the wonderful support we have received as we work to make this the premier place for real lacrosse Players, Parent's, Coaches, and Fans. We are not a big corporate business, we are just lacrosse fans like you, and the fact that you recognize that, and choose to support us on our mission is very important to me, and my family.

I want you to know that I love to hear from you, so please contact us anytime and let us know what is on your mind, or what we can do to help you on your lacrosse journey and ultimately to make this the most useful lacrosse resource around.

Also please make sure to add us to your safe senders lists and white list us, so we don't get filtered by your spam blockers.

Thanks again for all of your support and good luck with your seasons,


In This Issue

Stickbrain Village
Contests Continue
New Directory Pages
What's New at
Coming Soon!
Link to Us - we need your help


Introducing the brand new Stickbrain Village™.

We are so excited about our latest addition to the website. Stickbrain Village™ is our new Social Networking community where you can build your very own personal lacrosse page. Add photos, Video, create a Blog, create Groups, as well as a brand new lacrosse Forum, create and find widgets to add to your webpage or blog, and so much more.

I am so excited about the potential that Stickbrain Village™ brings to the website, and I am counting on you Stickbrain Report™ members to help us get the ball rolling by signing up (totally free) and posting your cool photos and video of yourselves, your kids, and your teams, or other lacrosse interests. Share your passion with the rest of the community

Please come check out Stickbrain Village™ and help us get it going.

Our latest cool addition to the site is up and running. Stickbrain village™ is our new Social Network site where like other social network sites (My Space, etc...) you will be able to build your own home page, personal profile, add video, photo's, blog, build custom widgets to add to your own websites and much more including a new Lacrosse Forum. It is a 100% totally free new addition to where all of us stickbrains and newbies alike can share in the fun.



Contest's Continue

Make sure you get involved with our two Contests.

  • Photo contest
    • Our first Photo contest is over. I am excited that we received entries in two divisions. high school and youth. I am a little dissappointed that there were no college entries , but as the next contest roles out and the season starts I am sure that will change.



  • Stickbrain Exchange Contest
    • Submit a page on any Stickbrain exchange page and be eligible to win a $100.00
      • add your team
      • Add your club
      • Share information
      • Add a drill
      • Many topics to choose from or submit an Idea to the new Stickbrain exchange ideas page and qualify to win.
    • Remember you have until April to submit a page. we had nice submissions this month. We had four qualifying entries this month. We added a drill, a photo, a club, and several summer camps. Make sure to get your team posted and get a chance to win the $100.00.

New Directory Pages

We are currently adding State directory pages to the website. The newest state we have added is New York. List your teams at and then post your news, pictures and video. Let us now what is happening with your teams, so interest people can find you. If your state is not listed yet let us know and we will add it. We are adding new state pages regularly. Please be patient with us as we are adding so much content it is sometimes hard to prioritize. Directory pages take time to build and we have put alot of focus over the past two months on the new Stickbrain Village. You can find your pages in three easy places:

  • The Stickbrain Exchange
    • The Stickbrain Exchange is where you can find all of our reader built pages where you provide the information directly into a very easy to use form and build an actual page on our website. It is extremely easy to use, and costs you nothing! All you have to know how to do is type, or cut and paste. Find your State High School Pages and much, much, more at the Stickbrain Exchange.
  • State Directories
    • The State Directories are where you can find tons of information listed by state. We have simple links to state news, your club, and team pages, and we also have links to college, youth, and pro lacrosse pages. All listed by State. Do you have news that you want to get out to the whole state. List your news on our state directories pages. If you don't see your state listed yet it will be soon, but contact us and we will add it early.
  • State High School Directories
    • The State High School Directories will take you directly to High School pages listed by state. This is the most direct route to your high school pages. Be one of the first to list your teams at Help people find you and share information about your teams. As information grows on our site. more and more, coaches and recruiters are coming to see us to find you. So make it easy on them by listing your team. It is totally free and very easy to do. Click here.
  • State Lacrosse News Pages
    • List your news by state to reach a more targeted group of visitors.

What's new:

  1. This is the Third Issue of the Stickbrain Report which makes IT still pretty new. The good news is that you you don't have to surf regularly to find all of the new content at Most of us are very busy and just don't have a ton of time to look for new information, so by subscribing to this newsletter,we will tell you what's new and you can decide what to view.  What's a Stickbrain?

  3. Stickbrain Village™ is our brand new myspace style social networking commmunity where you can add Photos, Video, Audio, create a Blog, create Groups, as well as a brand new lacrosse Forum, create and find widgets to add to your webpage or blog, and so much more.

  5. The Stickbrain Exchange™ continues to grow. The Stickbrain exchange is basically a collection of articles and pages written and built by you. Visitors of the site are very important to our success, and it is very important to me that we are not the only source of content. If we are the only source of lacrosse content, then the site will be very limited by our knowledge and perspective. YOU are what is making different and better than the rest of the lacrosse website's, because we want your contributions. many of you have information that you would like to get out to a broader audience, help yourself for free by submitting your information, news, photographs, and now Video to our site. You can also rate, rant, or rave about articles written by others. We welcome contributions from all over the world, and in many different categories.
    • Win $100.00 cash for the best article submission to the Stickbrain Exchange.
    • As of this writing we have only 7 submissions, so add your team or information pages now and get a chance to win, and help us grow in the process.
    • Contest ends April 1st, 2008

  6. Stickbrain Tee Shirts and Hoodies now available
    • Come check out our new "I'm a Stickbrain!" T-shirts and Hoodies and help support the website with your purchase.

  8. Lacrosse Equipment is now full of gear for you to research, and shop for. Because of the support of lacrosse nuts like you, we have been able to arrange access to 6 different lacrosse equipment dealers for your benefit. No more need to search all over the net. 
    • Right from our website you can now find many choices to shop from for :
      • Shoulder pads, 
      • Arm pads, 
      • Sticks
      • Cheap Sticks
      • Goalie gear
      • Helmets
      • Gloves
      • Balls
      • Cleats
      • Books
    • Remember that we don't sell the gear you find, we just make it available to you for your convenience and benefit, but we do receive a small commission when you purchase your gear through our website. By clicking our links to buy your gear you are helping to keep this site up, and keeping the content mostly free. Learn why here:


  1. New Pages
    • Stop by our Simply Lacrosse Blog page and keep track of all of the new content that is being added all of the time. The following pages were added this month:
    • Stickbrain Village™
      • Add Photos, Video, Audio, create a Blog, create Groups, as well as a brand new lacrosse Forum, create and find widgets to add to your webpage or blog, and so much more.
    • Stickbrain Exchange
      • Share your lacrosse news, information, events, teams, drills, skills, tips, and much, much, more.
    • Stickbrain Exchange Ideas
      • We are looking for your ideas for new stickbrain exchange pages. What do you want to read and what would you like to add to this site. Let us know by submitting your ideas here.
    • Vinton Club Lacrosse page
      • Find the Vinton Lacrosse new listing at Simply
    • New York High School Lacrosse
      • Post your teams on this brand new Stickbrain exchange page. Tell us all about your team and your players. Add news regularly check it out!
    • New York Lacrosse
      • Find and share New York Lacrosse information
    • New York Lacrosse News
      • Find and Share your New York Lacrosse News
    • Lacrosse Books
      • Find coaching and lacrosse books and information.
    • Lacrosse Warm Up
      • Learn the proper way to warm up from the stretching institute.
    • Lacrosse Stretching
      • Learn the proper way to Stretch from the stretching institute.
    • Lacrosse Cool Down
      • Learn the proper way to cool down from the stretching institute.

Coming soon or under construction

    • Continual development of the new Stickbrain Village™
    • More State Lacrosse Directories
    • More High School Lacrosse Pages
    • More Women's Focused Lacrosse content

Link to Us

    We are in a never ending search for links back to us from your web pages, blog's, or news letters. The number one way in which people find us is through the search engines like Google, Yahoo,, AOL search, etc.

    You can help us a lot in how we rank in those search engines by just adding a link from your site back to our site. This can be a text link or a graphics link. This also helps us get the word out that we are here, so we greatly appreciate your help in supporting this site with a link back.

Thanks again Stickbrain we are just getting started, and we are here to stay. You are the reason we exist, so please let us know how we can do a better job of giving you what you are looking for. Good luck as the Spring Season approaches.

Talk to you soon,

Jamey Long  

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