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So you just couldn't help yourself you just had to know what this Stickbrain™ thing is all about, huh? Well let me tell you. Stickbrain™ is a disease that effects your brain. It causes an irreversible metamorphosis to occur. It effects men and women, boys and girls of all ages. Stickbrain™ is a condition for which there is no cure.

There is no surgery you can perform to treat it. It is extremely contagious. If you are around or spend time with someone who has this condition chances are you are going to get it too. So be warned! It is kind of like the Dawn of the dead movies only it is real!

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Please be carefull!

You can recognize a Stickbrain™ by any of these characteristics:

  • They always walk around with a Lacrosse Stick in their hands Stickbrain logo
    • especially when they are going:
      • To Class
      • On a Date
      • To the bathroom
      • To the store
      • and to Church.
  • They can be found throwing
    • tennis balls
    • baseballs
    • lacrosse balls
    • handballs
    • rocks
    • little sisters toys
    • and any other object that they can throw with their stick
  • They throw these objects off of everything they are around
    • houses
    • walls
    • trash cans
    • fences
    • their girlfriend
    • their boyfriend
    • the dog
    • trash bins
    • the laundry mat
    • the sidewalk
  • They will often for no apparent reason whatsoever throw a vicious body check on the little sister or little brother.
  • They may begin to speak in code saying weird things like
    • pass the rock
    • that guy's a baller
    • sick clear
    • ok mary gait
    • and other such apparent nonsense
  • They may even have an intense desire to watch lacrosse on a Saturday! On TV!

If any of these symptoms are present there is good chance that they have become a Stickbrain™.

The only thing you can do for a Stickbrain™ is to feed them large doses of Lacrosse at every opportunity. This will keep them tame and much less hostile. It is important that Stickbrain's™ stay happy.

I have to tell you that I am a Stickbrain™ too! I am a certified Stickbrain™ loony bin crazy Lacrosse fool who just can't get enough of this incredible game. And I will bet that you are either already a Stickbrain™ too, or well on your way to becoming one.

Why you ask?

Because you are here, reading this page. There is no other explanation for it. You have gone crazy about this game, and now you are a Stickbrain™ too! You can't hide from the beast you have to "feed it," as the famous Taco place likes to say, so you might as well embrace it. Accept what you have become, and have the time of your life!

And always remember that Simply Lacrosse is here for you. If you are feeling the twitch come and see us and get your treaments, we will make sure that you stay happy and keep your condition under control!

*Stickbrain™ and the Stickbrain logo are trademarks of SimplyLacrosse.com - all rights are reserved.

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