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Lacrosse Books


Find terrific Lacrosse Books from coaching and parent guides to fiction and history, you can find hundreds of quality titles and resources.

Have you just volunteered to coach your son's lacrosse team, and you don't know a cross check from a body check or the crease from the centerline. Don't worry we are here to help you find the perfect sources you need to succeed.

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Lacrosse Instruction

Find great Lacrosse Books and resources.

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Our Favorite Lacrosse Books

Author: American Sport Education Program

Coaching Youth Lacrosse is an excellent introduction to youth coaching and teaching young lacrosse players valuable skills. It provides all the information you need to coach effectively and help 6- to 14-year-old athletes, both boys and girls, learn and enjoy the game.

This second edition features the games approach to coaching lacrosse, which makes practice more fun for the kids and teaching more effective for you, the coach. Also included are chapters on communicating with athletes and parents, planning and conducting practices, coaching during games and specific programs for both boys and girls lacrosse books.




Stretching and sports injury information




Author: Janine Tucker, Maryalice Yakutchik

Coach. You just volunteered to coach your daughter's lacrosse team, and you can't tell a defensive slide from an offensive set or the 12-meter fan from the restraining line. Don't despair—Coaching Girls' Lacrosse is here to help.

From your first team meeting to equipment needs to dealing with officials, Coaching Girls' Lacrosse will get you started—and keep you going. You'll learn the basics of girls' lacrosse for 6- to 12-year-olds and you'll find out how the game is changing so you can teach the universal lacrosse skills that will take your players from youth league to college and beyond. You'll be able to school your players in handling the new stick varieties and teach them innovative passing and catching techniques; progressive, relaxed cradling; and creative shots on goal. Here are all the fundamentals of safe physical play, drills for offense and defense, valuable advice about coaching style, and how to make improvement—rather than winning at any cost—the goal of your season. Before you know it, you'll be coaching players who are moving, learning, gaining confidence, and most of all, having fun.

  • Survive your first practice and game
  • Teach girls' lacrosse as it is played at all levels through college and beyond
  • Design effective practices for your entire season using the examples provided
  • Match your drills to age and ability
  • Make lacrosse fun and rewarding
  • Boost the skills and confidence of all your players

Author: Gregory Murrell, Jim Garland

Coach. You just volunteered to coach your son's lacrosse team, and you don't know a cross check from a body check or the crease from the centerline. Don't despair—Coaching Boys' Lacrosse is here to help.

From your first team meeting to equipment needs to dealing with officials, Coaching Boys' Lacrosse will get you started—and keep you going. You'll learn the basics of lacrosse, plus how to teach the fundamental skills of passing and catching, scooping, dodging, and shooting through the "games approach," which enhances team communication and decision-making skills. Drills for offensive and defensive strategies are also included, and you'll even learn to develop your own coaching style—one that works best for you and your players. Before you know it, you'll be coaching players who are moving, motivated, and most of all, having fun.

  • Survive your first practice and game
  • Promote good habits, concentration, and teamwork
  • Find answers to common problems in the Q & A sections
  • Match drills to age and ability
  • Get tips on creating a positive attitude, building team spirit, and getting along with parents
  • Make practices fun and rewarding

Author: Daniel Morris, Michael Morris
Within the past decade, lacrosse has seen explosive growth on the elementary, junior high and high school, and college levels, rapidly becoming one of America's most popular playing sports. Lifelong lacrosse player and coach Daniel Morris, along with noted author Michael Morris, distills the essence of this exciting, fast-paced game into one compact volume, teaching everything the beginning and intermediate coach needs to know about the rules, equipment, skills, and drills of this venerable game.
Unlike other lacrosse books, this guide reflects recent important rule changes, as well as the latest techniques in offense and defense, stick-handling, and advances in equipment that have transformed the game as it is played today. Chapters focus on critical elements of individual and team play, conducting practices, skill-building drills, and a playbook of offensive and defensive strategies. A resource list of suppliers, camps, and additional information is included.
This is a Lacrosse books that will find a place on every coach's and player's shelf.

Winning Lacrosse for Girls
Author: Becky Swissler, Anna Marie Vesco, Beverly Schaefer
Gr 7 Up-The cover photo of a girl outfitted in a traditional pleated kilt and catching a ball with an outdated wooden stick belies the modern and timely instruction held within this book's pages. Well organized, clear, and concise, this guide begins with the basics that every player should know, but also delves into crucial team-related concepts, such as zone defense, offensive sets, and team transitional drills. Couching her teachings between two bookends-that of the history of the game and conditioning drills appropriate for the all-around lacrosse player-the author begins with fundamental one-on-one skills. Accurate (albeit black-and-white) pictures accompany the instruction in a logical and clear fashion. Swissler addresses progressively higher level concepts for every position on the field from the first attacker all the way back to the goalkeeper, and sprinkles the text with thoughtful comments from coaches practicing at all levels of competition. In the more team-oriented sections, the "X and O" diagrams complement the descriptions, making the concepts easy to grasp, and hence ideal for the beginning coach; the author also offers new and helpful ways of talking about these concepts for those who are more seasoned. This guide has been sorely needed for years, especially since this game is currently one of the fastest growing sports in our country, particularly for girls, and particularly at the youth level, and one that is changing, due to recent rule changes and the influence of the boys' game.-Kelly Berner Richards, St. George's School, Newport, RI Copyright 2004 Reed Business Information.

Author: Thomas Vennum

Thomas Vennum brings together thirteen Native American legends from five lacrosse playing tribes -- the Cherokee, Ho-Chunk (Winnebago), Seneca, Ojibwe, and Menominee -- to provide a glimpse into Native American life and the role "the Creator's Game" played in tribal culture.

Author: Donald M. Fisher

A comprehensive history of modern lacrosse, from the appropriation of the Native American game to its ever-increasing popularity today.
North America's Indian peoples have always viewed competitive sport as something more than a pastime. The northeastern Indians' ball-and-stick game that would become lacrosse served both symbolic and practical functions—preparing young men for war, providing an arena for tribes to strengthen alliances or settle disputes, and reinforcing religious beliefs and cultural cohesion. Today a multimillion-dollar industry, lacrosse is played by colleges and high schools, amateur clubs, and two professional leagues.
In Lacrosse: A History of the Game, Donald M. Fisher traces the evolution of the sport from the pre-colonial era to the founding in 2001 of a professional outdoor league—Major League Lacrosse—told through the stories of the people behind each step in lacrosse's development: Canadian dentist George Beers, the father of the modern game; Rosabelle Sinclair, who played a large role in the 1950s reinforcing the feminine qualities of the women's game; "Father Bill" Schmeisser, the Johns Hopkins University coach who worked tirelessly to popularize lacrosse in Baltimore; Syracuse coach Laurie Cox, who was to lacrosse what Yale's Walter Camp was to football; 1960s Indian star Gaylord Powless, who endured racist taunts both on and off the field; Oren Lyons and Wes Patterson, who founded the inter-reservation Iroquois Nationals in 1983; and Gary and Paul Gait, the Canadian twins who were All-Americans at Syracuse University and have dominated the sport for the past decade.
Throughout, Fisher focuses on lacrosse as contested ground. Competing cultural interests, he explains, have clashed since English settlers in mid-nineteenth-century Canada first appropriated and transformed the "primitive" Mohawk game of tewaarathon, eventually turning it into a respectable "gentleman's" sport. Drawing on extensive primary research, he shows how amateurs and professionals, elite collegians and working-class athletes, field- and box-lacrosse players, Canadians and Americans, men and women, and Indians and whites have assigned multiple and often conflicting meanings to North America's first—and fastest growing— team sport.

Author Biography: Donald M. Fisher is an assistant professor of history at Niagara County Community College.



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