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About Us


While Lacrosse (LAX) is the oldest team sport in America and the official summer sport of Canada there is a lot of mystery amongst the masses concerning this thrilling action packed game. I grew up in a traditional football, baseball, basketball, hockey and auto racing family, and it wasn't until I was in my Junior year in high school in the early 80's that I was exposed to the fastest game on two feet. One of my better friends who was two years ahead of me, and who went to Stanford to play football suddenly announced during his Freshman year that he had switched from Football to Lacrosse. I had no idea what the game was all about, but I soon learned, and I have been enthralled ever since.

Unfortunately Lacrosse was not available when I was in school on the West Coast, and for that I am very envious of all of you young and not so young players who have the privilege and opportunity to play today.

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Lacrosse Instruction

There also was little or no opportunity for my kids to play Youth Lacrosse in my area. And so it wasn't really until my son began playing Club Lacrosse in High School that I really developed my passion for the game. We support the youth programs around the country and we support the goals and objectives of National Coaching Alliance. Helping to support new coaches with resources is a huge part of our mission. The health of the sport depends on the development of good coaches, and educating parents and players on all aspects of the game.

Being a long time and very active football coach I was struggling with the concept that my son was playing a sport that I really knew very little about. That was not acceptable to me, because I wanted to be able to coach my son and tell when he was doing things the right way, or the wrong way. I had never really been in a situation where I had such a small understanding of a sport that my children were participating in. I began reading, and hanging around practices, and attending all the games I could. over the years my family has developed an intense love for NCAA Lacrosse, and now the new MCLA, and the College Tournaments, and we all started watching more and more lacrosse on TV. Today you can easily find high School Lacrosse, college, as well as the pro leagues the NLL (National Lacrosse league) and MLL (Major Lacrosse League)on TV. This special game now consumes much of our time.

As I attended games and practices over the years I have found myself regularly explaining the game to people, and even kids who through no fault of their own, also come from a land of ignorance with no idea what the game is all about. Nevertheless, they are routinely fascinated by the fast pace and high action. As I was doing my research and steadily improving my understanding and knowledge of the game, it occurred to me that there were three real needs in the lacrosse community:

  1. An independent unbiased place where I could send parents and new players and fans to easily find simple answers to everyday Lacrosse questions.
  2. Support for the many new and existing, and yet to be formed lacrosse clubs, and youth organizations around the world.
  3. A single place to find and share information of any kind about lacrosse in order to help this sport really grow to the whole country and World.

Through those goals I decided to build this site. I had no knowledge of how to build a website and it was an adventure all of its own. I found SBI Site-Build-it, and they gave me all of the tools I needed to achieve the success we have had in reaching 100's of thousands of lacrosse enthusiasts. Want to know more about how I went from no knowledge of website building to a complete new business and total control of my future? If you have a passion you can build it too. I owe so much to SBI I would encorage you to learn more because you can do it too.

We developed this site with the intention to grow enthusiasm and interest for this ancient game in a time when the sport is showing its greatest growth. We are sointerested and dependant on valuable contributions from Players, Coaches, Manufacturers, and all of you who share our passion for the game. We want to help improve the volume and quality of the information and tools available on this website. We want to be a place to help you get the word out concerning your: Team, School, club, tournament, league, camp, or other Lax related endeavor, or event, and we welcome links to most tasteful sites. It is our ambition that together with your help we can build this into the premier lacrosse website on the internet with valuable resources for aspiring players, coaches, parents, clubs, and fans who are looking to share your passion.

I hope you enjoy the site. I have invested many thousands of hours of time and energy and will continue to do so. It is my hope that through this web site we can give back to this fantastic ancient sport that has given so much to so many over the centuries. The game of Lax has added so much to the quality of life that I enjoy. I hope it will do the same for you.

Welcome to SimplyLacrosse.com!

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We are Counting on You!

Come join us and help spread this exciting game to the masses as we share, educate, and entertain each other about lacrosse. Please spend some time and explore what we have done with the site so far knowing that we are just getting started. All of us who love this sport have a strong pay it forward and help each other attitude. I know that you the loyal lax community that I love, with your strong sense of family and dedication and devotion to this sport will contribute your knowledge, passion, stories, and opinions to this site for the enjoyment and benefit of all of us including those brand new to lacrosse. For those of you who are brand new to the game, while it still might be a mystery to you, please enjoy and take advantage of all the resources here. I know you will quickly learn to love lax, because it is a fantastic sport. As you become more knowledgeable and educated about the game we are all counting on you to keep the cycle going and pay it forward too by spreading the good news that is lacrosse to the masses and to those who are new to the sport!

About SimplyLacrosse.com

Do you have Lax on your mind? Are you a ™Stickbrain allready? Are you interested in learning more about this phenomenal sport? Maybe you just want to support your kids and are trying to learn about, or maybe even coach this fantastic game? Well you are not alone my friend, because Lax is an addiction. It is the oldest team sport in North America, and it is rich with tradition. Ancient Native Americans called it Baggataway or Tewaraathon "little brother of war." It is the official summer sport of Canada where it is played on melted hockey rinks right on the concrete, and passionately called "Box." It is also gaining popularity Internationally, and has a huge following in the UK. It is known affectionately as the fastest sport on two feet, and it has clearly evolved into one of the most exciting skill packed games on earth.


Thanks for your support without which we would not be here.

Coach - Jamey Long

How I was able to build this site starting with no knowledge of website building


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