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Custom Lacrosse Sticks


Creating or buying custom lacrosse sticks can be very fun. Personalizing your stick to match your personality is one of the most fun and cool ways to enjoy the sport. From things like dying your head, custom stringing, trick tape jobs all can give your stick it's own personality. We are looking for the coolest lacrosse sticks and tips on how to customize your sticks. We are also looking for people who create customized sticks and heads for sale. Guys you want to create the best page. ADD A PHOTO! Describe how you customised your sticks.


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Lacrosse Instruction
We are looking for high quality examples with pictures




Show Off Your Custom Sticks

We are looking here for detailed custom stick designs and pictures. Custom dye jobs or stringing tips. Do you do customizing for a fee? Tell us, and show us what you do, and how people can contact you. Enter as many designs as you like. This form is for detailed quality descriptions, hopefully with pictures.

Don't have that much detail? Or just have a design in your head? Then share your designs and ideas on our new Custom Stick Forum at Stickbrain Village.

Find Submitted Sticks!

Click below to see lacrosse tips contributed by other (tm)Stickheads... Then rave about your favorites!

Ma'Halo Boom 
I recently started to experiment with the mesh on my Franchise X. First, I added another "u" to the shooting string and added one more above the two shooter …

Hot Shot 
warriors head purple black mesh and puple strings, black shaft with silver bates around the shaft.

duke one 
the duke lacrosse stick that i hope that they all use in one of their games

iroquois top string 
a different version of the top string that is mostly used by Iroquois lacrosse players. it involves stringing the mesh a little lower then normal. many …

Puma Cat 
IN this stick I have all Bethlehem colors. that is what makes it so awesome.

henry Motto 

Custom Lacrosse Stick Submissions 
Used a Brand new warrior evo pro. Laid down glue all over it, then dyed it all scarlet red. Cooled, rinsed and dried it. Put glue all over it again without …

sweet lax stick Not rated yet
I would like a black head with neon pink, neon green, and carolina blue strings and i want the shaft to be orange.

oblivion Not rated yet
green shaft yellow head

rasta Not rated yet
red shaft with a red, yellow, and green head. black mesh with green sidewalls and yellow shooting strings.

www.coolsticklax.com Not rated yet
For the guys we do traditional stringing with 4 leathers. Traditional stringing has more versatility as you can adjust each leather individually to effect …

kaitlyn oliveri Not rated yet
i want a girls zebra print shaft with neon green head with hot pink and bright blue strings and neon yellow shooting strings

tranqualizer Not rated yet
A weather proof head that his flexible and a good offensive head is a little bit pinched but that bad it has there are 20 holes on each side wall and …

City Lights Not rated yet
Neon green mesh with neon yellow shooting strings and neon pink side wall and crosslace...

Boss Not rated yet
Glossy Black Proton Power with Blue 12 diamond mesh and orange sidewalls/top string/bottom string, red/blue/white shooters

Argyle Not rated yet
Maverik vision orange base checker dyed carolina on an orange maverik wonderboy.the mesh is carolina with orange shooters

hot shot Not rated yet
the head is pink, the mesh is purple with pink shooter strings and laces, the shaft is black with silver bats around the shaft,and a gold butt.

Nell Guarino Not rated yet
Lime green

madness Not rated yet
it is awesome

jonathan Not rated yet
awesome head and shaft

rasta king shaft with a green head red mesh yellow shooing string with rasta colored butt and a die number six on the top of the head Not rated yet
rasta king shaft in black with green head red mesh yellow shooting strings rasta colored but and a black died #6 on the top of the head

joker Not rated yet
purple head white mesh gray stick.

Huskies Lacrosse Not rated yet
Purple black and white shaft black and white head and shooters with purple nemisis monster mesh

The Beast Not rated yet
Red, White, and Blue with an american eagle on the head

Click here to write your own.

STX Lax or Die Not rated yet
I want a relatively wide head... with a deep pocket that can be adjusted. the stick will be pink with black flames going down the sides. then it will have …

fbg$ Not rated yet
black, garnet and yellow shaft with a black and yellow zebra print head

MAN POWER Not rated yet
The mesh is black. The head is a red and blue checkered head. All the shooting string is black and red tye die . The sidewall is green and the bottom string …

brick bandits Not rated yet
white and green lines going up the stick and on the side it says brick

tabb Not rated yet
tiger effect

excel Not rated yet
I want a stx shaft that is neon green, black and white and the head green with white mash and neon green shooting string.

powner Not rated yet
carolina blue swizzbeat shaft with evolution 2.0 head baby blue with lime green mesh and hot pink shooting strings. sickest stick ever

warrior Not rated yet
orange and black

andrew dickson Not rated yet
Irish green

NDCL LAX Bro Not rated yet
Athletic yellow Proton Power head. Regular Rock It-Pocket with top string royal blue. Silver Maverick Wonderboy shaft with a white or yellow butt.

Beastly Not rated yet
Yellow mesh Pink side walls Green shooters white shaft

Dha Musles Not rated yet
yellow red green black

warrior Not rated yet
i want a black head with bright green hard mesh and black shooting strings a also want a black and bright green shaft that goes with it

Boothby  Not rated yet
Boothby going down the side with Kennebunk Rams on the other side in fun letter and the shaft is blue.

purple monster Not rated yet
purple head green and white mesh purple shaft a purple monster on the side

Elie Not rated yet
as deep a pocket as u-14 girls will allow, purple and silver zebra striped shaft, neon green and neon blue lacing with single neon pink stripe.

Thunder Bolt Not rated yet
White Midfield Head. Yellow Head Srings. Yellow Shaft. Midfield Length Shaft. Thunder Bolts Shaft. White Buttend. Best Lacrosse Stick Ever!

Johns Hopkins Not rated yet
Have the whole thing be blue even the laces.

blue devil Not rated yet
great shots and smooth pas extreme accuracy

blue devil Not rated yet
shoots side arm pocket middle to high light weight stick

Camo Not rated yet
Realtree AP

Eliminator Not rated yet

epic stripes Not rated yet
the shaft is the warrior yacht club krypto grip attack shaft with a red chrome super power chrome head and added navy blue monster accented by bright …

CatyCat Not rated yet
Black HarrowP7 head, tie dye shaft, strung with various neon colors. DREAM STICK right there.

Women's BROOK 4 Not rated yet
A silver stick, with a teal head. The laces are purple!

Click here to write your own.

J. Jordan Not rated yet
Head: black and Green and Orange the strings the same colors. the shaft: black and silver.

Jasmine Jordan Not rated yet
Head: black and Green and Orange the strings the same colors. the shaft: black and silver.

clayton petty Not rated yet
black titanium shaft neon green head black mesh with neon green shooting strings

wolfpack Not rated yet
Vegas and Maroon. Enough Said

timmys lax stick Not rated yet
black proton power, lime green mesh, pink sidewalls. Blue shooting strings.

Dani Not rated yet
Black Shaft with pink and blue on it Black Head Left and Right Side Wall Black Right and left connector pink Right and Left leather blue Right and …

MIDZ Not rated yet
light gold shaft black and little bit of gray and white mesh and neon green shooters

"BLAZE" Not rated yet
I would like a navy head and a silver shaft that is not "textured" and the laces need to be navy and white

DULAX Not rated yet
All Black, TOS Soft feel paint, DeBeer lacrosse shaft


get gnarly Not rated yet
exactly like the CMYK mens shaft but a womens shaft with a black butt.

Ci bitch Not rated yet
Gold shaft with chrome head with black stringing

slinger Not rated yet
A lightweight stick. With the shape of the stx katana the slinger will be the utmost best stick

fear this Not rated yet
painted stick red then laid a bunch of different leaves on and sprayed over in yellow. later i put on black silver and red stripes where i put my hands. …

Biohazzard Not rated yet
For great shots. And smooth passes.

HOT  Not rated yet
I want the shaft of the stick to be black and white zebra, the head of the sticks outline to be neon pink with white and pink lace in as the net.

Anna Not rated yet
I want a Black Harrow Shaft with a Brine head in black, laced with pink and yellow

Das Wunder Welle ( The wonder shaft) Not rated yet
The shaft is black in the middle theres a thick stripe ( approximately 24 in total). The stripe is divided down the middle (12 inches each, Theres 24 inchs …

Squares Not rated yet
In this stick all I did was get a normal AV8 head. It was old so I didn't really care about it. Since it started off white I just cut up small squares …

the boss Not rated yet
a gold chrome head with rasta stick

zebra neon  Not rated yet
it will be the shaft . it will have a zebra print but wear the white is suppose to be it will be any neon color .

JAM Not rated yet
tie-die strings twisted together tie-die head tie die shaft

The Wall Not rated yet
okay so its an all black shaft with a green head with orange, yellow hardmesh and red shoelaces

debeer tempest pro Not rated yet
good hands

Warrior Not rated yet

Click here to write your own.

The Hulk Not rated yet
Fluorescent green swizzbeat 60' inch shaft with a black stx power proton with a purple hardmesh and neon green shoelaces

fill Not rated yet
navy blue head black mesh and blue shooter strings and black shaft

swizbeat Not rated yet
squiggle lines like a swizzbeat

turbo tron Not rated yet
attacker very active and skilled like light shafts

Mia Not rated yet
Neon green head Grippy silver shaft White laces Black butt

the monster Not rated yet
i would like my stick to be a red base color with gold diamonds and i would like it to have a grippy feeling and I would like the butt to be a black one …

Fresh Not rated yet
Lime green w/ a purple line design up and down the shaft and and electric blue head with black line designs

atlantic machine Not rated yet
bright pink gripped shaft with purple penny-sized dots bright lime green head ALL neon blue strings (even leather)

shannon's stick Not rated yet
black and neon orange shaft, black head

Cairebear<33 Not rated yet
grip shaft colorful amante head

West Not rated yet
light durable grip high school level

JBE Swizzle Clutch Midfield complete stick Not rated yet
Brine Clutch Super Light head on a Brine Swizzle Scandium 60" shaft. Brine Clutch Super Light, designed to be light enough for attackmen but stiff enough …

Kdp25  Not rated yet
Well the background is black and it say goalie 25. Then it has neon colors splatter all over the stick.I looks awesome. Then the head is neon green and …

zeph attack!! Not rated yet
neon yellow head neon blue shaft haha thats all

beast Not rated yet
red scandium swizzbeat with a a black proton power. the mesh hard all black 10 diamand

KING OF LAX Not rated yet
every thing lime green and black but as cheap as you can get.

MOYTOY Not rated yet

Tape Jobs Not rated yet
Tape... Should i use it or not ... what colors what design.. i have the following: STX K18 STX CRANKSHAFT 10 7050 How do I get the lightest …

Hammond LAX. <3 Michi! Not rated yet
White head with orange and white stringing with black and orange shaft.

stormtrooper Not rated yet
the head would be a proton power with a black fade at the bottom half of the head and the mesh, sidewall, top string, bottom string and shooting strings …

HARROW Not rated yet
I want it to be a blue shaft with a white butt with red lacings.

Olympic Medals Not rated yet
Alright so first i would dye my head gold, then I would take a hot glue gun and go over the stick with the glue, let the glue dry, flip it over and do …

HOPKINS JAYS Not rated yet
Head: STX K18 2G ( Carolina Blue ) Mesh: White Six Diamond Mesh with a Carolina blue top strings and traditional hockey lace shooting strings. Carolina …

The Wave Not rated yet
It says "The Wave" in words that look like they are made out of water. Next to that will be a wave. Around the stick there will be Hawaiian flowers that …

laxluver Not rated yet
tiedie stick colorfull

Click here to write your own.

the TORNADOE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not rated yet

murdered out Not rated yet
Brine clutch x black head and Brine black magnum titanium(ti)light strong great for attack and midi. head has a nice off set for a harder shot. shaft is …

swizle beat Not rated yet
red black and white has diamonds on the shaft

Stratford Stinger Not rated yet
Red, white, and blue lacrosse stick.

pantera Not rated yet
this stick is going to be red white and blue for the miller place panthers!!!!!

SOIFE CALDERON Not rated yet
Blue head with Neon Yellow and Neon Green Strings with a Neon Pink stick.

The Dream Not rated yet
light, fast, durable, red, sexy

phinney Not rated yet
forest green warrior Kryptolyte, white proton power, lime green shooting string, forest green 10 diamond mesh

water flame Not rated yet
blue stick with orange netting

North Carolina Not rated yet
Attack Shaft: Sky Blue Swizzbeat Head: Navy and Carolina Stx Deuce Mesh: Carolina with blue sidewalls and black shooters

custom one piece lacrosse stick Not rated yet
a one piece lacrosse stick that has the head area matalic yellow and the power strings are pink.there are three power strings.the lacing is purple.the …

EDGE Pro Not rated yet
SHAFT: Gait ice (black) HEAD: Clutch (neon green) MESH: Black hard mesh, black sidewalls, neon green shooting strings ( three of them) Product: …

Lax Junior Not rated yet
Small head, Short pole, accurate shooting and passing

black death Not rated yet
alright so hear i go and it would be a ten inch crank shaft defense pole (in black) and a a black head and lime green mesh and black laces and a lime green …

The Blue Bullet Not rated yet
Grey Brine F-15 shaft with a white head and white ultra mesh. The shooting strings and sidewall would be light blue. up the bottom portion of the shaft …

Megan Lintz Not rated yet
A red shaft with a black head and white laces. Make the "Megan Lintz" in white and the font to be "Cooper Black"

Sulla Not rated yet
Silver stick, purple head with blue strings.

candy Not rated yet
Carbon fiber shaft checkered with purple and yellow. The head is a gait torque dyed in speckled neon green.

Darth Maul Not rated yet
A red head with red mesh. The shaft would be colored like a star wars light saber. The one like Darth Maul. This would be for defensive players.

neon green Not rated yet
A neon green stick with black head plus green mesh

The Flame Not rated yet
Black plastic and metal background. Red flame design on the head, and red starting at the bottom to tiny dots.Neon lime and gold mesh

XX THE---LEROY XX Not rated yet
Goalie stick Shaft: Warrior goon Head: Nemesis dyed black Netting color: Scarlet red with black strings

foto pro Not rated yet
red white blue with white stars and all made with layers of grip so if it peels there is another layer of grip

colin abell Not rated yet
all black shaft and head, stx deuce head

Ship Wreck Not rated yet
This Stick completes your Lacrosse Image! With a Purple Head & Green Laces, it completes anyone. This Stick has a Gray Smooth Grip, and it is perfect size …

Click here to write your own.

Windu Not rated yet
Titanium shaft purple color

57x pro Not rated yet
The 57x pro is a head that is shaped like the clutch but on the side there is an alligator. It is colored with splatters of blue and green. The goal of …

killer Not rated yet
a dark blue stx super power head with gold six diamond mesh. And a brine python shaft

Warrior Amonte Not rated yet
Pink head with blue shaft

CHICKA AKA Not rated yet
I want my stix to be a Debeer Impulse Tempest with Hot pink stringing and a Lime green head and I want the shaft tho be black with hot pink and green designs …

*xxTHE~PUNISHERxx* Not rated yet
Black Shaft, no graphics on it. Black head, no visible brand name. Black mesh, nothing thats sucks I want good mesh, not too soft, not too hard. Black …

The Joelanator Not rated yet
sharp shooting, fast and well catchable.

stricker Not rated yet
bright colors fluorescent colors defensive pole light weight durable and grip

xxxxx Not rated yet
i want it all tie dyed

sachem killa Not rated yet
attack men stick sachem colors good grip the sachem symbol on it

the phenom Not rated yet
shaft: purple head: black warrior stiffy with purple strings

canon mac lacrosse Not rated yet
black blue yellow

sweetness Not rated yet
blue and black tie dyed with a proton power head 3 straight all neon pink stitching white dura mesh

The Mean Machine Not rated yet
The shaft will be a green warrior kryptolite, with a brine e3 head. The Head will be died black and green. The head will have a black 10 diamond hard mesh …

Custom Lacrosse Sticks a Not rated yet
Red rim on stick head with a bullseye/target looking net

Click here to write your own.

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