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Lacrosse Tips


Share lacrosse tips. If you have been around this site you know that our mission is to share information with each other for the benefit of the lacrosse community. Whether you are a ™Stickbrain already, or you are just interested in learning or sharing information about this phenomenal sport, please share your tips here.

We are looking for cool tips on topics like: Head Stringing, Head Dying, Cool Tape jobs, Stick tips, trick tips, shooting tips, and any other tips that you want to share. We don't care what it is. If it will be useful or entertaining to the visitors of this site then we want to hear about it. Don't be shy, you can always submit your tip anonymously if you prefer. Thank you for doing your part to support the growing lacrosse community by sharing your tips.

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Lacrosse Instruction

Share Great Lacrosse Tips

Please share your cool lacrosse tips here.

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Having a bad game? 
We have all had bad games. We make one mistake, followed by another. This can get very frustrating, but by getting frustrated you are only making it worse. …

Keep on going! 
I'm AJ, I've been playing Lacrosse for two years and at times, yeah, I did kinda feel like I was the biggest loser on the team. But don't let missing a …

Comparing and Contrasting the Diamond Meshes 
This article will lay out all the details you need to know about the diamond meshes. It will describe each different diamond mesh and its advantages/disadvantages. …

Description Of Hard Mesh / Pocket Placement  
Hard Mesh is by far and away the most popular mesh on the market. It is fairly easy to break in yet will hold its pocket in poor weather. It offers good …

dont dye your lacrosse heads or mesh 
Dying your lacrosse head will weaken the plastic and if you throw it on the ground hard enough, its most likely to break; and if you catch a throw too …

Stay in the game 
My name is Juquan Tellis and this is my first year playing lacrosse, I have learned a lot from playing lacrosse. Lacrosse is a game of mistake's so don't …

Under the Legs dodge 
One of the coolest and most efficient ways to dodge someone when running towards him is simple to roll the ball in between his legs, then run around and …

Defensive Positioning 
This isn't so much a tip saying to do something as a tip about not doing something. As said in the name of the tip this is for defense; middies and defensemen …

Dont stop Not rated yet
Hi, im ruby. Ive been playing for four years, 20 seasons. Each time id have trouble trying to make good friends. For beginners, just Try to talk to people. …

head dying Not rated yet
How do I dye my lacrosse stick head

Lacrosse head is too tight on shaft when I try to put it together Not rated yet
I just got a Brine Swizzbeat shaft and a Warrior Mojo head and when I tried to put the head on the shaft, I could only get it on so half of the hole for …

lacrosse stick Not rated yet
keep your lacrosse stick up to down when you throw, put the butt end out and follow through so that the ball will go directly to your teammate. …

Baseball Net! Not rated yet
When you first start playing lacrosse its not easy. and most of your family won't want to play with you. Buy a bouncing back baseball net. It's like another …

Goalie axe handle tape job Not rated yet
This is a way to tape the bottom 6-10 inches of your goalie stick to give you a better grip for those long reaches and to protect your stick from getting …

Defense Not rated yet
If you are running behind a person on d and they have they ball instead of wacking them, put your head under their sticks butt, or head and lift up it …

Getting switched in Not rated yet
I'm Danny, and one of the hardest parts about playing midfielder for me was to switch in for a tired person. I had trouble finding the person I was supposed …

you can do anything you set your mind to :) Not rated yet
I have only been playing lacrosse for 12 hours and I am in LOVE with the sport. I practice every day all the time. I play wall ball, and practice cradling, …

When taping your stick... Not rated yet
When taping your stick you will want to put tape in the middle of your stick and near to the bottom. This will help you know where your hands are, which …

A sweet Dodge for the left side  Not rated yet
While on the left wing use your left hand and do a split dodge as if you were going to X. Once you have gotten past GLE with your split, roll back quickly …

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