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Lacrosse Practice Plans


Lacrosse practice plans seem to be in high demand. As more and more new coaches come on line I think the greater the need for structured plan sharing to help the new coaches and groups get up to speed. Our mission at Simply Lacrosse has always been about sharing information for the benefit of the sport.

To find a great selection of All Access Lacrosse Practice DVDs, Videos & Books -- Championship Productions, Inc.

My goal has, and will continue to be to provide free resources and idea sharing opportunities to the lacrosse community, so that the sport can grow and develop healthily beyond its traditional North Eastern US, and Canadian boundaries.

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Lacrosse Instruction

Share your experience and practice plans and help us continue to grow that free content. I am looking for the very best practice plans to share. Regular season daily practice schedules, off season workouts, weight lifting, conditioning, running, wall ball, etc… Please share your plans with us. Together we are building an awesome library of mostly free ideas and resources for the lacrosse community.

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Future lacrosse coaches thank you too!

Share Lacrosse Practice Plans

Add a plan to our growing library of lacrosse resources. Your support of this site, and your willingness to contribute to the development of the sport is greatly appreciated.

Find Submitted Practice Plans

Click below to see practice plans submitted by other Stickbrain's...

Monday- Strictly Individual Skills Tuesday- Skills by position Wednesday- Skills by offense.defense 4 on 5 half field Thursday- full field …

Off-Season Workouts 
Since it looks like I am the first to post I would just like to thank you Jamey and Simply lacrosse for this nice web site. Yes I am a stickbrain too! …

Early Season - Indoor - U13 Not rated yet
Start Time 10:30 am Duration 1 hour 30 minutes Slot 1 - 5 minutes - Introduction Announcements Parent positions report (statistician, team manager, …

wall ball Not rated yet
Wall ball is probably the best thing a lacrosse player can do to get better. It is an easy way to work on stick skills and hand and eye coordination. …

LARSH (left and right shot hit) Not rated yet
It's really a middle school or JV high school practice to encourage switching from left to right making a screen shot and then taking a solid check. First …

Practice Starts Not rated yet
Now I'll start this off by saying that I am not a coach. I just felt like contributing what my team does for practices. Now most coaches I assume don't …

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