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Lacrosse Coaching



Lacrosse coaching is a major theme of this web site. It is our mission to support aspiring lax coaches with resources and information. The sport is experiencing growth at such a rate that clubs and leagues especially at the youth and high school levels are struggling to find and keep experienced knowledgeable coaches.

Our hope is that through our on line resources we can help to positively improve the level of understanding of the game, and encourage potential coaches who are unsure of their skills and knowledge to get involved.

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Lacrosse Instruction

coaching Resources

*Those items in the list that do not have active links are coming soon.

Lax Coaching

This guide is designed to provide you with resources like Lacrosse Coaching advice, Practice Plans, Lax drills, Lax skills, and much more.

It is also very important to us that new and experienced coaches alike are exercising good Coaching ethics particularly at the youth level that encourage participation by all of the players on their teams. This game is meant to be enjoyed by all and the youth lacrosse field is not the place to display what a great coach you are by only playing the best players. It is far more important that all of the kid’s who take the opportunity to sign up, leave with a positive experience and a growing love for the game.

If you are considering coaching youth lacrosse, do it!  It will be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life and you will come away with a whole new appreciation for the game. Nothing will advance your learning curve as fast as teaching it. This is truly a great game and you will discover subtle nuances that you didn’t know were there. But the real reward will be found in the faces of the kids you coach.

If you are an experienced Lacrosse Coach you still may find information that is useful here, and more importantly you have the opportunity to contribute information and give back to other not as experienced coaches. Lacrosse coaching advice and tips by experienced coaches are an invaluable tool. We have set the foundation to contribute information, but you are the real experts, so please help those less experienced coaches so that all of our youth benefit and the sport will continue to grow healthily.

Please go to our coaching section in our Stickbrain Village™ Forum and post your coaching advice or questions. If you believe in what we are trying to do then please help us improve the quality of our information. Only you can do that, and we and the lacrosse community thank you for it.

This page is under continual development. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, or if the link is not yet active please come back soon, and it will be. It is our intention to invest a great deal into this section of the site.

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