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Lacrosse Advertising


Lacrosse Advertising at SimplyLacrosse.com, and Stickbrain Village, is probably more effective and affordable than you think.

We have always been a predominantly free source of information and resources to the Lacrosse Community and we very much want to maintain that as best we can.

However server space and developer time are not free and we are at a place where we need to offset some of those costs with advertising dollars.

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Lacrosse Instruction

We have completely redone our advertising program, and we now have a full inventory of sponsorship zones available for a reasonable price. And we are always willing to work with our advertisers to customize your advertising to meet your needs.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of SimplyLacrosse.com

Some basic statistics:

  • SimplyLacrosse.com will be coming up on our 4th birthday in June of 2011.
  • The Total pages of the combined websites are well over 900+ pages and growing daily.
  • Annual Page loads of near 1 million pages
  • 252,000 unique visitors
  • We enjoy top 30 google page rankings on well over 80 pages
  • We enjoy top 30 Bing page rankings on well over 68 pages
  • And we have numerous top 10 search engine rankings and many number 1.
  • Flashback - In June of 2009 for the first 6 months of 2009 the sites enjoyed very promising traffic:
    • 154,000 page loads
    • 66,000 unique visitors
    • We enjoyed top 30 google search page rankings on well over 50 pages

The website is made up currently of 2 main components:


    The main and original website is really the backbone of the site. It is primarily informational, and very comprehensive. SimplyLacrosse.com now is made up of well over 500 pages with over 300 pages submitted by our readers.

    Flashback - In June of 2009 SimplyLacrosse.com consisted of 300+ pages of information with over 150 of those pages submitted by our readers.


Stickbrain Village

    Stickbrain village is our very interactive social site where you can manage your teams, create player profiles, add video, pictures, find and create events, Advertise your business or club in our yellow pages style Listings.


Other ways to Advertise

    We also now have a host of business features like our press release pages, and Lacrosse business directory.  

    You can also submit an expert article or top 5 list and of course promote your own Lacrosse ventures at the same time.




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