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Lacrosse Summer Camps

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Adrenaline Lacrosse

Adrenaline Lacrosse


Adrenaline Lacrosse is one of the premier Lacrosse camp and event organizers on the west coast. They conduct a wide range of camps, clinics, leagues, special shootout, and showcase events throughout the year. Events cover boys and girls field lacrosse from 1st grade through 12th grade. From beginner to elite and all positions. They are based in San Diego and currently they have events in California, Washington, and Texas. Their tournament events draw teams from all over the west, for some of the best high school and youth lacrosse played anywhere. Prices vary greatly depending on the event, and they have many events, so please check the Adrenaline Lacrosse website for specific details.

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Lacrosse Instruction


Adrenaline Camps Photo

Adrenaline Lacrosse takes pride in being able to offer a unique model designed to develop a lacrosse player from the time they first have a stick in their hands all the way through until we see them realize their dreams of playing collegiate lacrosse.  This 'Player Development Model' has proven success as many of our Adrenaline players are now seeing success in the NCAA playing ranks.  Please read below for how the model will help your player develop and realize his or her full potential

  • Top Coaches
  • Organized and well planned curriculum

Beginner Clinic

  • Beginners and youth players enjoy our free beginner clinics which are held at various locations throughout the West.
  • Beginning skills are taught.
  • Rules are covered.
  • Allowing the beginner youth player to move to the next level of game play.

Adrenaline Youth Lacrosse

  • Through Adrenaline Youth Lacrosse young players develop at a rapid rate with a combination of great coaching from day one as well as organized, fun game play situations.
  • Players track scores, rankings, and statistics to develop a sense of competition at an early age.  Our experienced coaches help to direct this competitiveness in a positive direction unlike many other leagues that leave it unbridled.
  • Authentic jerseys, all star games, press coverage, stadium style championships all add to the experience.

Adrenaline Summer Day Camps (Goalie Day Camps)

  • Players can enhance their game play skills and techniques by focusing on the curriculum taught by our coaches at our intensive day camp programs.
  • Hours of instruction and practice focus in on individual skills and team concepts to further develop a player.
  • Allows advanced players to prepare for the Level 4 play of the summer.

Middle School & Youth Team Shootouts

Summer:  Smackdown, Rumble
Winter:  Challenge

  • Players advance to a more competitive level of lacrosse by attending our team shootout events.
  • Held twice a year youth and middle school players attend with their competitive teams that are formed in early summer and late fall.  For info see www.starzlax.com
  • At the shootouts players receive advanced instructional clinics on both team and position concepts from NCAA coaches and professional players including intensive team film sessions and chalk talks.
  • Competitive tournament style game play allow coaches and teams to compete at the highest of levels against top competition while acclimating them for this type of format for future higher pressure high school events.
  • Adrenaline Lacrosse expert activities staff will ensure that the players can get a break from lacrosse by having a great time off the field including the infamous dodgeball tournament held in the famed "Thunderdome" complex.

High School Team Shootouts

Summer:  Shootout
Winter: Challenge

  • The Marquis events of the “Adrenaline Player Development Model” the High School Team Shootouts are attended by the top teams from all over the West.
  • Adrenaline Lacrosse brings over 100 NCAA recruiters out West to these events in order to recruit western lacrosse talent.
  • Largely successful programs at getting players noticed by all levels of collegiate play.  Our goal is to find a collegiate match for a player based on playing level and academic desires so we bring out a wide range of recruiters to fit every players needs.
  • Highly competitive team format also incorporates advanced clinics from NCAA recruiters.
  • High School and Elite Divisions.  High School division is future recruits getting an early look from recruiters and getting familiar and comfortable with the format.
  • Having been acclimated by this format in the Middle School and High School levels Elite division players can compete comfortably allowing them to showcase their talents for recruiters.
  • Adrenaline staff is familiar with many of the players that have gone through the system so as to recommend the proper players to the fitting lacrosse programs and recruiters.


*Note - SimplyLacrosse.com does our best to verify the facts on this page prior to publishing the information you find here. However all information is subject to change at the discretion of Adrenaline Lacrosse without notice to SimplyLacrosse.com or it's readers. Please make sure to verify directly with the camp for official details. This is for informational purposes only, and is provided as a courtesy of SimplyLacrosse.com

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