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Iowa Lacrosse


Iowa Lacrosse is in its infancy but like everywhere else clubs and programs are poping up. I am so proud of Iowa Lacrosse I know you will be too. Find and share information about Iowa lax right here. Whether you are part of an established program with a long history or a brand new lacrosse program, share information about your club or team, so that other Stickbrain's can find you.

Tell us what's going on with Lacrosse in your area. From Iowa Youth Lacrosse right on through Grandpa Joe lacrosse we want to here about it. We are counting on you to tell us about your group, so we can share your information with everyone else.


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Lacrosse Instruction

What's happening with Lacrosse in Iowa?

Join the party and tell us about your group or team. Help other Iowa Stickbrain's find you. Where are you playing lacrosse? Who are you playing against? What is lacrosse in your state like? Do you play field? Do you play box? How can interested lacrosse players, coaches, parents, officials, and sponsors find you? If it has to do with Lacrosse it belongs here. Tell us about it.

Find Submitted Pages

Click below to find submitted lacrosse pages made by other visitors to this page...

Dubuque Youth Lacrosse 
We are currently trying to form a team with a long term goal of introducing lax to youth - high school. If you are interested in playing or trying …

find some play? 
We have recently relocated to quadcity area. There are two college age goalies and a ref in the family. Is there any teams, clubs, pickup games within …

Dubuque IA 
Moved to Dubuque IA from Michigan. Looking to start a Youth Lacrosse Club for middle school and high school for the spring of 2011. If you are interest …

Central Iowa Lacrosse Association 
The Central Iowa Lacrosse Association was founded in October of 2008. It focuses primarily on the growth of the game in the Des Moines metro area. At …

West Des Moines Valley High School Tigers 
The only high school lacrosse team in Central Iowa. Players attend West Des Moines Valley high school and Waukee high school. We participate in the Nebraska …

Asking for someone to volunteer to help with a morning "camp" to learn the basics of LaCrosse with 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th grades 
Hello. My name is Cynde Jay (nickname: CJ). I work for Adventuretime Family Services with the Urbandale Community School. This summer, as part of one …

Midwest lax Not rated yet
Well I'm originally from Minnesota but I'm currently working at a children's camp in St. Charles Iowa. I'm 18 years old and lacrosse has always been a …

Des Moines Demons Not rated yet
Established in 2009, the Des Moines Demons Lacrosse Club is a men's team located in Des Moines, IA. Our first year (2009) is dedicated to getting up and …

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  Valley Tigers Lacrosse  

West Des Moines Valley Tigers Lacrosse


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Are you looking for lacrosse in Iowa? check out my man Adam Edg's blogs in Stickbrain Village.


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