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How To play Lacrosse

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Lacrosse Rules


Lacrosse Rules vary depending on the age level, gender, type of lacrosse that is being played (Field, Box), organization, etc.. Most rules are based on the NCAA rule book.

For that reason this page will start with the college game and work its way around.

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Lacrosse Instruction

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Below is a list of rule resources:

the College Rules

College Lacrosse is generally played under NCAA rules.

Both the MCLA and the NCLL have adopted ncaa rules and player eligibly guidelines.

the High School Rules

With some minor exceptions depending on organization concerned. Many organizations will add or delete some rules to tailor them to their specific needs.

You can download the official NCAA Men's & Women's Rules which are around 100 pages each directly from the NCAA web site.

the Youth Rules

For official rules please refer to your official rule book, or you can get the official US lacrosse rules for your division from the US Lacrosse web site. High School and College lacrosse typically play by the NCAA rules of play

SimplyLacrosse (SL) strongly supports US lacrosse in its efforts to unify and standardize Lacrosse rules especially in the interests of safety. If you are an organization that is not using the excellent guidelines established by US lacrosse then SL would like to encourage you to do so. The leadership that US lacrosse represents is very good, and the sport is best served to grow under unified and standardized rules and practices.

the International Rules

lacrosse Penalties

There are two types of penalties which can occur – Technical fouls and Personal fouls.

Personal fouls - Are generally fouls that are either of a physical or sportsmanship nature. Slashing, Tripping, Illegal Cross Checking, and checking from behind a player are usually given 1 minute penalties. Penalties can be increased to 2 or 3 minutes or even ejection can be assessed for major or especially sever personal fouls.

Technical fouls such as - Offside's, Crease violations, pushing from the rear, thumbing. and Warding Off constitute a loss of possession.

You can find an official rule book at the US lacrosse web site and check with your particular association for specific rules.

Do we need to add to these rules? Please let us know by contacting us.


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