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Lacrosse camps

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Players Choice Lacrosse Camps


Players Choice Lacrosse Camps (also known as PC-LC) are summer field lacrosse camps held at the University of Massachusetts PC/LC LogoDartmouth. They have boys camps, and Girls camps for players from 13-18 years old. They have a number of skills based camps, and they have been doing them for 14 years.

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Lacrosse Instruction
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a word from Players Choice

Every year there are more and more lacrosse camps out there. Every coach and every school seems to have a camp. The problem is that there are still few good choices, and with all the options out there these days, weeding through all the bad camps to find the good ones can be a daunting task. Your main objective is to find the camp that’s right for you; the camp that offers you the best balance of what you’re looking for, and what you need. With that said I can tell you that Player’s Choice is a no-nonsense program dedicated to teaching the game of lacrosse to serious, dedicated players. If you’re looking for freebies and autographs and a camp that runs games all day long, then that’s not us. We feel that when you register for a Player’s Choice Camp that you’re entering into a partnership. It takes both us and you to make it all work. When you sign up for camp you’re saying that you want to get better, you want to take your game to the next level and you’re willing to work hard in order to make that happen. On our end, we’re saying that we’ll do whatever we can to make you a better player, and that we’ll provide a well-thought out, organized, and creative program to make that happen, and we’ll create a comfortable, safe, and well-equipped environment for you to do that in. It’s a true partnership, and it’s not for everyone, but if you love lacrosse and you’re a dedicated player and you want to be the best player that you can be, then we’re the camp for you.

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selecting the Right Camp

This should help break down the differences between all the camps some:

The Boy’s Full-Field Lacrosse Camp is designed to offer the best balance of full-field play and individual play. It’s designed for the player who is looking for both individual training and team concepts.

The Elite Camp is designed to focus more on individual play and situational play. There are less full-field games at the Elite Camp.

The Extreme Camps are designed to concentrate exclusively on individual, one-on-one play. There are no full-field games at the Extreme Camps.

The IronMan Camp is exclusively for shooters and goalies.

The players choice lacrosse camps all work well on their own, but are also conveniently scheduled to run back-to-back so that a player can easily attend more than one camp and stay for up to two weeks.

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the Girls

The Player’s Choice Girl’s Full-Field Camp is a serious camp for serious players, covering all aspects of women’s lacrosse, and all positions.

The Player’s Choice One-On-One goalie camp will cover all aspects of goaltending.

The Player’s Choice Girl’s Elite Camps are in response to calls from players looking for a more intensive lacrosse atmosphere, and for a chance to specialize. Based on the Boy’s Elite Camps, the Girl’s Elite Camp will focus less on team play, and more on individual play. You’ll work harder and longer, but you’ll learn more than ever.

The Player's Choice Elite Goalie Camp is designed for capable, varsity-level goalies, ideally considering playing lacrosse in college.

added Value

Players Choice Lacrosse camps have many discounts programs for early pay, combining camps, and groups. Stop by their website for more details.

*Note - SimplyLacrosse.com does our best to verify the facts on this page prior to publishing the information you find here. However all information is subject to change at the discretion of Players Choice Lacrosse Camps without notice to SimplyLacrosse.com or it's readers. Please make sure to verify directly with the camp for official details. This is for informational purposes only, and is provided as a courtesy of SimplyLacrosse.com

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