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Lacrosse Mall

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Showcase Your Business


SimplyLacrosse.com is very excited to introduce our brand new Lacrosse Mall. This is an opportunity for you to showcase and sell your lacrosse products and services to our thriving lacrosse community. Expose your business to our visitors by selling your products in our brand new lacrosse shopping mall.

It is our vision to provide a place for all sized Lacrosse Businesses to come and sell your goods to our focused and dedicated visitors. We have all seen the growth and development of Shopping malls in the brick and mortar world outside thrive and grow. It only makes sense to us to offer our lacrosse visitors an opportunity to shop for all of their lacrosse items in one convenient place. And to do it in a way that allows as many businesses as want to be involved to do so. This is a win for the businesses like you, and a huge benefit to our readers.

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The Mall

Our Mall is Currently Nearing Completion

Simply Lacrosse Mega Mall E - Shopping Center

We expect many businesses to take advantage of this smokin hot opportunity. Be one of the first and take advantage of our risk free - 6 month rent free - no obligation trial. And then continue to enjoy EXTREMELY low $19.95/month rent fees after your trial.

*Note: These are promotional prices and subject to change at the sole discretion of simplylacrosse.com

100% risk free and we will contact you soon with more information.


Want to know more?

program Features!

  1. What we provide you:
    • We give you space in our Simply Lacrosse Mega Mall where you can sell as many or as few products as you want.
    • Exposure for your business to hundreds of thousands of focused Lacrosse Fans.
    • We provide the traffic
      • We have organically built in Lacrosse traffic that comes from our massive and growing lacrosse site and community.
      • now nearing 500 pages, we are growing at a phenomenal rate, and will continue that trend.
      • We have 70+ high ranking pages in the search engines, and are adding lacrosse information and news pages weekly.
      • This drives lots of lacrosse traffic to our site for you to tap into
      • Increased sales opportunity and exposure for your business.
    • Easy-to-use web interface
      • Secure store administration where you can access your products exclusively separate from the other providers
    • We manage the categories and the web design and layout
    • We provide the order processing
    • We provide the Shopping cart
      • Orders are processed in our shopping cart (Mall)
      • Then they are available to you to see real time
    • Payment gateway
      • We use Paypal exclusively at the moment with plans to expand options.
      • We collect the money then send it to you after we receive shipping confirmation
      • E-mails are generated to you to let you know of orders in process
    • We provide a fully functioning support forum for all of our vendors (aka providers) to use to ask questions and support each other.
    • Automatic free addition to our new Stickbrain Village Business Directory
    • Nothing to lose 6 month trial period
    • No term - cancel at any time
  2. You are in control of your own products
    • Control your products 100%.
    • This is not a simple drop ship arrangement.
    • You control price
    • You control your products
    • You control sales tax
    • You control discounts
    • you control specials
    • You Manage product variables like size and color
    • You ship directly to the customers
    • You have 24/7 Access to the order system to process and view your orders
    • View Pending Orders
    • View Order history
  3. Design and Layout
    • 100% template-based storefront
    • W3C XHTML 1.0 Transitional compliant code
    • Intuitive navigation
    • WYSIWYG editor for product descriptions
    • Support for thumbnails
    • Side-bar "mini-cart" viewable at all pages
  4. Customer Friendly Shopping
    • All orders stored in MySQL database
    • Customers can search & browse personal order history
    • Integrated configurable store product search
    • Real time order tracking
    • Fast Lane Checkout module for quick and intuitive checkout
    • Password reminder for customers
    • E-mail notifications/invoices
    • Wish list
    • "Send to friend" section
    • Ability to save the customer's cart
    • Printable versions of pages
    • possible Multiple customer types w/unique pricing for every customer type
    • "Clear cart" button
    • Edit product options in cart/wish list
    • Printable invoices
    • Ability to change the order of products on the customer side
  5. Product Catalog
    • Unlimited number of products
    • Unlimited number of categories
      • Categories are controlled by us, but you can request as many categories as make sense.
    • Products can be assigned to multiple categories
    • "Featured Products" box
    • Automated display of bestsellers
    • Related products, up selling and cross selling
    • Configurable search by title, description, category, SKU, price and weight
    • "Stop words filter" for product search facility (a special filter ensures that service and link words occurring in the search pattern are ignored when search by individual words is performed.
  6. Product Details
    • Unlimited product options/variants/properties w/optional price modifiers
      • control factors like size, color, with prices per variable
    • Unlimited custom input fields for products
    • HTML-enriched product descriptions
    • Unlimited number of product images
    • Manufacturers - list
    • Ability to display product detailed images in popup windows
    • Super Zoom view
  7. Merchandising and Inventory
    • Discount coupon codes and gift certificates
    • Full inventory control
    • "Out of Stock" Messages
    • Quantity discounts
    • Retail and wholesale pricing options
    • Limit minimal order amount
  8. Tax
    • Completely Customizable tax calculation
    • Product-specific taxes
    • Taxes depending on client's location and your shipping locations
    • "Tax exempt" feature
  9. Sales Tracking and Analysis
    • Comprehensive statistics
    • Searchable order data
    • Order data is easy to print
    • Search engine & incoming traffic tracker: the cart keeps referrer data for all customers
    • Shipment/fulfillment interface
  10. Payment management
    • PayPal payments
  11. Web-based control panel
    • Password-protected administrative access
    • All changes are real-time
    • Control the cart from anywhere in the world using your web browser
    • Maintain multiple provider accounts
  12. Security
    • Password-protected administrative access
    • Strong Blowfish encryption for sensitive customer data
    • PGP-encrypted e-mail notifications
    • Protect registration pages and e-mail forms with a random-number image
  13. Fees:
    • No shop rental fees during the 6 month trial period
      • Following the free trial the shop rental fee is only $19.95/month.
    • Per sale fees of 10% of the discounted subtotal of each sale do apply to all orders
      • fees are deducted at the time of sale
      • you set your own prices
      • you set your own discounts
    • There is no term
    • You can cancel at any time.
  14. Affiliate Program in the works:
    • Plans for agressive tiered affiliate program that will reward clubs, teams, and other websites to promote your products.
    • Affiliates will earn 10% affiliate bonus
    • We will share that cost with you
    • We pay 5%
    • You Pay 5%

Compare the features and price of this program to the price of a regular shopping cart, and you can see how affordable of an option this really is. And then when you factor in the un measurable boost in exposure of your business directly to our lacrosse community in general, and the potential for increased sales, we feel like this is an extremely valuable and affordable program, and we hope you will take advantage of it.

What are you waiting for?

What do you have to lose?

Reserve your space now risk free, and we will contact you soon with more information.


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