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Lacrosse skills

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Switching Lacrosse Hands


Switching lacrosse hands is an essential skill to master in Lacrosse. It is a fundamental skill that is required for the growth of any player in any position. Unfortunately it is also a difficult skill to master should a player get too comfortable with just one hand. The good news however is those bad habits can be overcome through practicing switching hands and playing with the weaker hand repeatedly until it’s comfortable. Once mastered, it can allow any player to rapidly expand their talent and the effectiveness of their game play.

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Lacrosse Skills

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Lacrosse Instruction

How to switch hands:

1: Turn your shoulders to protect the stick
2: Move your bottom hand up the stick to take the place of the cradling hand, and replace the bottom hand with your previous cradling hand.


If done correctly the transition should be smooth and very quick. This will allow you to be proficient on both sides of the ball and make it even more difficult for a defender to cover you as you can now go either way. The first thing to master after switching hands would be ball handling with your weak hand. Once you feel comfortable with that move on to shooting with the weak hand. The ability to shoot with both hands is an extremely valuable weapon.

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