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Early Season - Indoor - U13

by Eric Faust
(Merrimack, NH)

Start Time 10:30 am

Duration 1 hour 30 minutes

Slot 1 - 5 minutes - Introduction
Parent positions report (statistician, team manager, photographer)
Review practice plan

Slot 2 - 20 minutes - Warm up / Stick Skills
Players warm up (stretch, calisthenics, running)
2 Line catch & throw
End to end line catch and throw on the run drill
End to end line ground ball, catch and throw on the run drill

Slot 3 - 30 minutes - Individual Drills
Dodge drills (face, roll, swim, split) (M,D,A)
Long stick drills (footwork, poke, check) (D)
Individual shooting drill (M,A)

Slot 4 - 30 minutes - Group Drills
5 Star shooting drill (A,M)
2W Drill (A,M)
Defense stick drill with goalie (D, G)
Defense Positioning (D,A)
Face-Off (M)

Slot 5 - 30 minutes - 1/2 Field
6 on 6 attack fast break
Switch out Middy/Attack/Defense every 5 minutes

Slot 6 - 5 minutes - Cool Down

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