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Lacrosse Fundraising

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Lacrosse Fundraising Ideas


Find and Share your great lacrosse fundraising ideas right here. Did you have a successful fundraiser. Tell us how you did it, and what your strategy was. How much money did you raise? Tell us all about it.

Fundraising is one of the least fun aspects of club sports for many people. We are looking for ways to improve our groups success and take some of the work and effort out of running a successful fundraising campaign. We know you have great ideas and experiences, so please do brag!

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Share Your Great Fundraising Ideas

Do you have a great lacrosse fundraising idea that you can share? Tell us how you raised money for your club or activity. Tell us how much you raised and what your hurdles were.

Find and Rate Ideas Posted by Others.

Click below to find great ideas, and rave about, or rate your favorites...

I hate Lacrosse fundraising but this is one company that makes it easy. My team profited about $5,400, the entire effort took about 30 minutes, and most …

Salsa Fundraising 
This was the easiest fundraiser I ever did. we used www.SalsaFundraising.com. We pre-sold the Salsa at $6.00/jar and kept $3.00/jar with free shipping. …

My Sports Dreams 
Check this out, I used it when I played division 3 college lacrosse and it helped us get to Florida over spring break to play some games.....it has also …

Gift-Checkbook Fundraiser Not rated yet
Our Lacrosse team has used BoosterShot (http://goboostershot.com/) for fundraising the last few years. They have a unique set of fundraising products …

Customized Discount Cards  Not rated yet
I work with a company for our fundraising that has taken the discount card idea to a great place. Instead of buying some discount card and never using …

Cool Rags Not rated yet
I sell a product(Cool Rags) to alot of Soccer tournaments. I have been recently asked to participate in the LAXPALOOZA Lacrosse Tornament in East Allantown …

OdorBalance Online Fundraiser Not rated yet
I found a great new fundraiser from a company started by a lacrosse player making useful cleaning products for the stinky lacrosse pads that we all have …

Wacky Lax shorts Not rated yet
Wacky Lacrosse (Wacky Lax) is looking to work with lacrosse organization to help them raise money with little effort on their part. Basically, looking …

Image Sport T-shirt Fundraiser Not rated yet
Image Sport has a fundraiser selling t-shirts for teams hosting tournaments, camps, or any event where there will be multiple teams. It is unbelievably …

Tag Day Not rated yet
I've looked at all of our fund-raising events, and the most efficient in terms of dollars per hour input is going door to door to raise cash. We call them …

Click here to write your own.

Check out Magraise.com for a magazine fundraiser.

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