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My Sports Dreams

by Kenny Pierson
(New York)

Check this out, I used it when I played division 3 college lacrosse and it helped us get to Florida over spring break to play some games.....it has also helped out over 13,000 teams raise over $21 million! Best part....it only takes a very short period of time.

One of the biggest challenges facing coaches today is how to diversify your revenues so you are no longer relying solely on in-town supporters. Your team is one of many groups canvassing the neighborhood every year and there's only so much money residents can hand out.
So, reach beyond your zip code to everywhere and anywhere in the country, with our Sponsorship Mailer program. This program has been used effectively by teams in every state.
Your athletes have supporters all over the country. We will connect you with them, to bring in a new stream of revenue you probably didn't even think existed.
We also give you an opportunity to reach the people inside your community with our popular Team Card. The custom Cards are mini-posters (11"x6") and great advertisements for your team. They feature your team pictures, logos, schedule, and note from the head coach. To see samples of our discount cards, just click the link at the end of this message.
How much money can you generate with the best 1-2 punch in the industry? How about more than $10,000, which is the average profit from 503 recent MSD campaigns.


Step #1. We create a totally customized Sponsorship Mailer for your team, with:
* Everything printed in color
* Team photo or action shots
* Description of why are you are raising money
* Highlights of your team's accomplishments and goals
* Request for a voluntary donation to the team
* Three donation options (check, credit card on line, credit card on phone)

Step #2. Athletes prepare a personal list of high quality supporters from anywhere in the county, state or country.
Our Mailing List Worksheet gives them specific suggestions, turning list creation into a quick and easy fill-in-the-blank exercise. Our suggestions ensure that a lot of the money your team raises comes from out of town. We provide 150 total Mailers that you can divide among your athletes however you want. You can order more if need be.

Step #3. Gather your team for a one-hour Launch Meeting. Collect, stamp, and send the Mailers.
Step #4. Distribute Team Cards to your athletes that they can sell for $10 each to friends and neighbors inside of town.

In days, donations will pour in via check and credit card. Checks are mailed directly to you by donors using pre-addressed reply envelopes. We process credit card donations for you at no additional charge.
To view profits from the hundreds of recent fundraising campaigns we have created, just click the link at the end of this message.


We've processed millions of dollars in credit card donations for our client teams. Check donors are great, but credit card donors are your MVP's, because they donate 2-3 times as much per transaction. We run your credit card donations for you at no charge. Visit our online donation page at http://www.donatetomyteam.com (use Team Password "TEST" and Athlete: "Jim") to see how easy we make it for your donors to charge contributions ranging from $25 - $2,000.


Everyone who receives a Mailer from your team - whether or not they donate - receives free and unlimited access to hundreds of discounts to save $50, $100, or more. Offers include 40% off Nike gear, 15% off nine different hotels chains, 20% off Hertz, 10% off Staples, 5% off Barnes and Noble, among others. To view the discounts, just click the link at the end of this message.

Our growing list of travel and equipment sponsors will match 100% of your credit card donations, saving your team additional thousands of dollars. Bonus Dollars can be redeemed by you to reduce your team's out-of-pocket expenditures up to 20% at a time. Note: this is in addition to your campaign's cash profits.

We know that many teams are accustomed to using discount cards to raise money and paying 50% of collections for the privilege. We have created the same quality discount card -- full color and totally customized to your team.

These discount cards will allow your team to generate thousands more dollars but from inside your community. So, while our Mailers allow you to reach across the country, our discount cards let you tap into the support network within your own zip code. And they are FREE.


* No upfront fees for school teams. Card number required to hold on file for non-school teams.

* Typical scenario for a team of 15 athletes: $5,140 total collections, $925 Materials Fee, $4,215 team profit. That's an 82% profit margin. Paying more is silly.
* With your Profit Guarantee in place (see below), we will lower our fee if you do poorly, so that your profits will never fall below 50%.


MSD's Profit Guarantee ensures that the lowest result you can attain is a 50% profit. That's not the best you'll do, it's your "worst case" scenario. Most teams do much better than a 50% profit margin, but your Profit Guarantee puts a floor under your results, so that you have nothing to worry about.
To activate your Profit Guarantee, we just need to know that all of your mailers were sent out to qualified prospects. Use our pre-paid UPS slip to send us a copy of your players' Mailing List Worksheets after your Launch Meeting.

Our privacy policy is simple and ironclad. We do NOT share names of donors or prospects with any third party EVER, nor do we EVER use donor names or prospects for any purpose whatsoever.

* If you are serious about helping your team raise a lot of money without spending a lot of time, energy or money, then we're ready to help!

* Call 800-376-5988 or Email back with "SCHEDULE A CALL" in the subject line and we'll call you. Include your number and the best time to speak (NO OBLIGATION!).


1. Click here to download your free report: 6 Secrets of Sports Fundraising Success.

2. $10 off your purchase of $75 or more at Eastbay.com Discount Code TSBP9MYS
Helpful links:
View recent campaign profits from teams nationwide:
View testimonials from coaches around the country:
View discounts potential supporters can access instantly:
View sample of our Discount Card:

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Aug 04, 2009
by: Anonymous

What they don't tell you is My Sports Dreams keeps your profits and then bills you for their services if your fundraiser does not get enough in donations. They mislead you and tell you that there is no cost and at the end of the program, whatever you have received in donations will be simply deducted a percentage and the rest will be sent to your organization - not true. They keep your entire credit card donation and then expect payment for the rest - on a completely inflated nvoice for their services.

To anyone out there - My Sports Dreams is really My Sports Nightmares unless you have plenty of extra money to cover your losses which most non-profit sports clubs do not. Try explaining to your child why they solicited donations from sponsors, were notified when money was received, yet no funds are available to use towards their sport! This program makes money for My Sports Dreams - not for you. DON'T BE FOOLED.

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