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Customized Discount Cards

by Art McOmber
(Cedar Hills, UT, Utah County)

I work with a company for our fundraising that has taken the discount card idea to a great place. Instead of buying some discount card and never using it because the places on the card are not places you patronage, with this company your customer types in their zip code and many businesses from right around your customers area pop up and your customer selects 12 locations (restaurants, services, retail, entertainment) and their discount offer and they are put right on the card. They then select your team's logo for the other side of the card (great branding) and then they select the player's name for whom they are purchasing the card so they get the credit. They can pay right online so you can sell the card to any friends and family around the country. Hard to do that with popcorn or pizzas. The best part is the card costs $25 and $12.50 cents goes to your program. 50%!!! The card gets mailed directly to the customer and it has their name on it and it is good for one year from the date of purchase. Also very cool is they can use the card as often as they want at all the choices they selected. UNLIMITED USE! There is no registration fee or up-front money of any kind. No minimum sales, no deliveries, no pickups, great repeat business year after year, great branding, and 50% return to your program. I know about this company because I am a lacrosse coach in Utah and they have helped us this year big time. Call me, Art McOmber, 801-734-0770, and I will get you taken care of.

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