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Comparing and Contrasting the Diamond Meshes

by Zander Berlinski

This article will lay out all the details you need to know about the diamond meshes. It will describe each different diamond mesh and its advantages/disadvantages.

8 Diamond Mesh
8 diamond mesh is the most popular of the diamond meshes because it is the diamond mesh most similar to regular hard mesh, the most popular mesh of all. 8 diamond mesh offers the smallest diamond size of the diamond family. Like all the diamond meshes, it is durable and holds its pocket in the face of adverse weather. On account of its small diamond size, it may be difficult to break in. 8 Diamond offers great shot speed but suffers in its hold. A great mesh choice for those looking to balance the properties of Traditional mesh and Diamond mesh.

7 Diamond Mesh
7 Diamond mesh begins to bridge the gap between the lower numbered Diamond mesh and Traditional mesh. Its diamond size is moderate to small, so 7 Diamond mesh offers excellent shot speed at a slight loss of hold. It is not as easy to break in as most of the other style attack/defense mesh, but once broken in it is extremely durable and will hold its pocket through cold and wet weather. 7 Diamond is a good choice for scorers looking to maximize shot speed.

6 Diamond Mesh
6 diamond size is neither large nor small which makes 6 Diamond mesh the perfect compromise between hold and shot speed. 6 Diamond is fairly easy to string, durable, and will hold its pocket through cold and wet weather. 6 Diamond is a good choice for any kind of lacrosse player. The people have spoken, and 6 Diamond mesh reigns supreme over the Diamond family.

5 Diamond Mesh
5 Diamond mesh offers the largest diamonds of any Attack/Defense mesh. As a result, 5 Diamond tends to be the easiest of the diamond styles to break in. 5 Diamond offers a solid hold, but the trade off comes at loss somewhat of shot speed. 5 Diamond is also notable in being easier to string that other mesh styles due to the large hold size. Overall 5 Diamond is an excellent choice for beginner players and stringers, but its unique properties make it a suitable choice for players whose playing style it compliments.

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Mar 29, 2008
Great. Really Helpful.
by: Anonymous

Great stuff.

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