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Lacrosse head is too tight on shaft when I try to put it together

I just got a Brine Swizzbeat shaft and a Warrior Mojo head and when I tried to put the head on the shaft, I could only get it on so half of the hole for the head screw showed... What should I do to get the head screw on?

Great question. First take your head and make sure that there is no plastic keeping the stick from going all the way in. If there is any plastic that has scraped into the head then "CAREFULLY" scrape it out of the socket of the head with a screw driver, ice pick,or what ever you can find that works. This is usually the problem.

Next file or sand the edges of your shaft down a little on the outside so there is no sharp edges. If you dont have a file or sand paper, I have seen guys do this on concrete or asphalt as well. Be careful where you do try that, you will leave marks on the concrete. Don't do it on Moms pool.

Next take the stick and put the head end into ice water and get it super cold. Then take your head and put the socket end into near boiling water. Don't let the water boil all the way. Just good and hot. Again be very careful and don't burn yourself. If you burn yourself don't send me a message because I warned you not to. wink wink.

Now while the head is warm and the shaft is cold try again to push your head down on the stick. This trick works well for those heads that are just a little tight. You may need to (CAREFULLY) put the ice pick or narrow Phillips head screw driver in the hole and pry the head down.

If the head still wont go down but you can see the hole, you may have to drill out the hole a little. Use a tiny drill bit and only drill as much as you need of the plastic.

Lastly, you can drill a new hole, but this is last option.

I'm sure there are lots of other tricks too. So if anyone else has any tips please share them.

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