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Lacrosse Equipment Question

Do you have a Lacrosse Equipment Question? I received so many equipment questions through our ask questions page that we decided that it deserved a page all its own dedicated to Lacrosse equipment.

We are not equipment experts, but we have many readers and contributors who are. Ask your lax equipment questions here, and someone will know the answer.

If you own or operate a Lacrosse Store and would like to get some free advertising we are looking for some equipment experts who can help us with these questions. Contact me via the contacts page and I will explain.

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*Disclaimer: Although we attempt to research and answer these questions as accurately and intelligently as we can for you benefit, I need to make a little legal disclaimer to say; please always consult multiple resources and make your own judgements as these answers are often our opinions based on our own experiences, and should be taken as just that, our opinions, which dont exclude you from using your own common sense and judgement.


Lacrosse Equipment Questions

Ask your equipment questions below:

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Lacrosse Goalie Stick Compatibility 
Is an stx eclipse compatible with the reebok 7k carbon fuse goalie lacrosse shaft? Please let me know?

Lacrosse Helmets Not rated yet
Which make and model is the safest lacrosse helmet on the market

Getting all new lacrosse gear for college team (what should i get!?) Not rated yet
I am now a freshman in college at the University of Rhode Island. I successfully made the team, and now its time for my new gear set up. I know how i …

What head goes with the harrow shaft the best? Not rated yet
What head goes best with the harrow tapered shaft?

Should I use conditioner on my mesh and how? Not rated yet
I just got a new nike midfielder stick and this is my first year playing should I put conditioner on the strings or does that just ruin your shooting strings …

Warrior Stiffi on a brine swizzle Not rated yet
Does a warrior stiffi head work on a brine Mikey Powell Swizzle?

One piece stick rules Not rated yet
I am 14 and play bantam box lacrosse and I want to get a new Harrow Hemi Cuda one piece lacrosse stick and my dads friend said that he thinks one piece …

Defense stick metal strength Not rated yet
What is the strongest type of metal for a defense stick (weight does matter.) And do you know a place where I can get one made of solid metal?

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