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Girl playing on a Guys only lacrosse team?

by Kristen

I am in grade 10, and I have always loved the game, I am a girl and we only have a guys team. I have never played before, but I know all the roles and I play on many other teams at my school. I am really fast and have good agility, I am also not afraid of getting hit. But by being the only girl on the team does this pose a 'weakness' for our team? I am strong, but not as strong as compared to the guys on our team, will that be a problem?

Hi Kristen Great question. First of all let me say thank you for asking the question. I think you are so brave in what you are facing, and I cant tell you how much I admire your spirit and love of the game. I know that there will be girls all over the world that will read this and admire you for your spunk and courage.

Now listen to me carefully. The boys game is very physical. You can break bones, and be seriously injured. You are taking a risk to play. I hope your parents are involved with this decision, and they understand the risks, and support you. I don't know what the rules are for girls playing with boys in Canada, but I hope you will tell me.

But as long as your parents understand the risks, agree and support you then I think you absolutely should play. If there was a girls team then maybe not, but since your only choice is to play on the boys team or don't play? Then I say PLAY
if you are up to it.

And no, I don't think the fact that the boys are stronger means that you cant help your team. I have seen very average athletes dominate a lacrosse game with good skills,and smart play, so there is much more then strength to consider. Obviously the stronger you are the better, but its not about whether you are strong or not. You say you are fast. Can you handle the ball? If not, focus on your ball handling, shooting, and passing.
And be prepared to get hit. Guys are going to take shots at you, and it is going to hurt. It is the nature of mixing up sexes in a contact sport. I have seen it in American Football many times where girls are playing with boys because they have no other option and they often do fine. It takes a special girl though. YOU have to be tougher mentally then the guys because they are going to pick on you because you are different.

If you are serious about playing, then work harder then the boys. Get on the wall and work work work. Make sure your stick skills are good. That only comes with practice. If you can learn to handle the ball then you can be an asset to your team.

Personally I wish the girls game was more like the boys game with full contact allowed, but thats not going to happen, so here we are.

Kristen I salute you. Please let us know how you are doing. I want to hear how things go for you. Good luck my little warrior. Wishing you the best.


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Mar 04, 2014
by: Coach & Mother of 2 Female Players

The rules for box lacrosse do not differentiate between male teams and female teams....when no female teams are available...girls play with the boys...when girls teams are available...girls can still play on the boys teams.

In our area, we have modified the box rules (e.g. place and push) to introduce more girls to box.

But when my daughter goes to Nationals --- full contact.

Mar 12, 2010
:-) GURLZ RULE! :-)
by: Rachel P

Let us hit like the Boys! We are not babies. Girls lacrosse is gay without hitting

Mar 12, 2010
You Go GiRL!!!
by: Tammy

OMG go Kristen Kick their Ass!

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