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Goalie Game

by Coach Wamer

How to setup the drill

How to setup the drill

Purpose: To develop offensive decision making and movement skills

Number of Players: 10 (2 goalies, 4 defenders, 4 offensive players)

Equipment: 4 cones, 10 practice jerseys (2 colors) and 1 ball

Skill Level: Intermediate - Advanced


1) Create a 20-by-40 yard grid.
2) Two teams of four players are inside the grid, and two goalies are outside the grid at opposite
ends of the field.
3) The object is to move the ball from one end to the other by passing the ball inside the grid.
4) Play begins with one goalie passing to one team.
5) This team works to move the ball from the first goalie to goalie at the other end.
6) If possession is lost, the defending team passes to their goalie and play begins the other
7) Play is continuous.

Coaching Points:

Offensive players inside the grid should maintain a diamond shape. Players should stay wide and
maintain depth, stretching the space the defenders must cover. Focus on diagonal and lateral
movement to open up spaces and create opportunities to move the ball forward. Defensive
players should prevent penetration and should be in a position to help each other if one defender
gets beat.

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