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Goalie Interference

When is it legal for an attackman to rake under a goalie's stick clamped on the ball? If the goalie has a foot in the crease but the ball and his stick are outside of the crease, is it legal for the attacker to rake under his stick? This wasn't clear to me in the junior rule book. Thanks.

Short answer is yes it is legal to rake under his stick when he doesn't have control of a loose ball outside of the crease.

Long answer
The rules as I interpret them under your scenario taken from the NCAA rule book depends on whether or not the goalie has possession of the ball. With one foot in the crease the goalie is considered in the crease. So he cannot be interfered with if he has possession of the ball.

A.R. 71. Loose ball in front of crease. Goalkeeper B1 reaches out to pick up ball, and A1 checks B1’s crosse.
RULING: Legal play. Goalkeeper does not have possession of the ball.

A.R. 72. Loose ball in front of the crease. Goalkeeper B1 reaches out and gains possession of the ball. A1 checks B1’s crosse while it is still outside of the crease.
RULING: Interference, play-on. Play continues or award ball to Team B at center of field.

Now the question is did the goalie have possession?

b. Player possession — The ball shall be considered in player possession when that player can perform any of the normal functions of control, such as carrying, cradling, passing or shooting.

The way I see it is in your case the Goalie does not have possession of the ball outside of the goal crease and it is perfectly legal to attempt to secure the ball away by any legal means.

I am a coach and not an official, and I look forward to any officials point of view that differs from my interpretation of the rules.

Have fun

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