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Help I need ideas to get my club started!

by Sabrina

Well I recently moved to Switzerland 3 months ago, and in England my school played lacrosse and just today after we finished our sports lesson (talking about Switzerland now) I asked my teacher if we could do lacrosse, we looked in the store cupboard and found the sticks, so then my teacher said that in the next school year we are going to do it. Then I was thought that if lacrosse is a hit with my class (Swiss 1) then I may start a school lacrosse club but I'm the only one who knows the rules, so then we would need a trainer and they cost. So I would like it if I could get some ideas to fund a lacrosse tutor. THANKS (this is the future it may not happen but i enjoyed lacrosse in my old school so it's worth a shot.)

Sabrina you go girl. I am so proud of you. Even if you are doing it alone thats how you start. Ask questions.

I would start with Swiss Lacrosse. Im sure they are probably interested in helping promote lacrosse in Switzerland. There is a swiss Lacrosse Website, but it appears to be down at the moment. But you can try it.


or email them at:

Maybe someone reading this is planning to visit your lovely country and could help you out. Let Sabrina know if you can help her. By adding a comment here. Or add her as a friend in Stickbrain Village

Sabrina you can also try the European Lacrosse Federation website.


Good luck and don't quit make it happen.

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