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Lacrosse Head Shaft Compatibility

by Anonymous

Do you know if a Brine Money Goalie Head will fit on a Goalie STX lacrosse shaft?

ANSWER: Short answer is Yes. I believe they are compatible. Check with your local retailer to be absolutely sure.

The vast majority of Lacrosse Shafts and Heads on the market are semi interchangeable. Most are octagonal in shape and are more or less interchangeable. I say semi interchangeable because they do usually interchange, but the fit may be slightly tight or lose when you interchange from manufacture to manufacture and some times you have to force the head on slightly or add a little tape to tighten it up. This is typically a minor thing and most heads and shafts interchange just fine.

A major exception to this rule is the STX crankshaft sticks and heads that have the 10 degree offsets, which are only compatible with each other because of the offset.

If you want to make sure that your head will match your shaft the best option is to call your local retailer with the exact head and shaft you want to interchange and ask them to physically look for you to see if they are interchangeable.

The second option is to order the shaft and head you want to interchange on-line, but make sure you can return the item if they don't match well.

And remember anytime you are working with an offset stick it is safest to stick with manufacturer. If you miss match an offset stick you may end up with an illegal configuration.

Tip - If you run into a very tight fitting head try putting the tip of your shaft in ice water for a few minutes and your head base where the shaft enters in hot tap water. NOT BOILING WATER, too hot can hurt the plastic. Hot tap water from your faucet is fine. this will slightly shrink the shaft and expand the head and can help more easily slide on a tight head. After you slide the head on make sure to line it up and start the screw before it cools, then let the head cool naturally. Remember that once you do this you cannot return the shaft or head so do this only when you have a slightly tight fitting head that just needs a little help sliding on.

I look forward to comments or experiences on Stick head compatibility and other tips or tricks you have used.


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