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Line Drill

by Kort

Overview: This drill is one of the most basic in lacrosse and is used often as a warm up for practice. It is mainly focused for positions who do a lot of passing ie. middies and attack but defensemen can practice it was well.

The Drill: The drill is started by players forming two lines with equal amounts of players (for larger teams you can obviously create several setups of this drill with multiple lines). From this setup players can run a variety of smaller drills within this one. Some possibilities are:

Right Handed Passing Inside: players run towards each other with their stick in between them and make a pass.

Right Handed Passing Outside: same as above but with your sticks to the outside

Left Handed Passing Inside/Outside: same as above but left handed

Ground Ball Away: one player runs towards the other line, completes a pass, gets the pass back, and lightly throws the ball behind him for the player he passed with to scoop up.

Ground Ball Towards: a player runs to the opposite line, and throws the ball on the ground towards the other line. Then the player with the ball coming at him picks it up, and repeats the process.

Over the Shoulder: put a player next to each of the lines and give one of them the ball. Then, have the next player in line run to the other line and give him a pass, while running, over his shoulder about halfway. That player then gives the ball to the player to the side of the line he is running to who repeats the process. Have the player who ran take the place at the side of the line.

Ground Ball + Dodge: this requires either a defenseman or a middie. Place in between the two lines a player to play stationary defense, only checking from one spot and not moving. Have a player start off by dodging past the defender and throw a ground ball to the next person in line. Repeat.

The great thing about this drill is it's versatility. You can work on all of the basic skills without changing up the basic drill very much.

Note: Some teams that are good at clearing and do not need to practice it extensively can have their defensemen participate in line drills.

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