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Monkey in the Middle Drill

by Coach Wamer

How to setup the drill

How to setup the drill

This drill is for teaching basic passing and catching techniques.

You will need at least 4 cones or other markers and atleast 2 balls.

You will run 3 players thru the drill at a time.


1) Setup a 10-by-10 yard square for the players to stay within. This is optional but helps
reinforce the idea of staying in bounds will passing and catching. You can have multiple
groups of three players doing this at the same time in separate squares.
2) Player Xb and Player Xc each start with a ball
3) Player Xb passes to Xa, who then returns the pass to Xb.
4) Player Xc passes to Player Xa who then returns pass to Xc.
5) Play Continues for 3-5 minutes and then players rotate between the outside and the center.

Coaching Points:

A good practice tip is to hold the stick head level with the helmet and about a foot outside and a
bit forward for catching. When catching a player wants to cradle the ball and let the stick go
back a bit to let the stick absorb the recoil. The player should also step into the catch and not
stand flat footed.
When throwing the player should:
Draw the shoulders and arms back to pass, and then snap the stick forward with an overhand
motion. The low hand firmly grips the bottom of the shaft, while the top hand slides down the
shaft as the stick comes forward. Follow through is critical for accuracy, the stick should
complete a full range of motion; it should not suddenly stop once the ball is released.

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