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Number NCAA Teams in USA?

Now that I Know How many NJCAA teams there are in the USA, How many NCAA teams are there total?

And How can the NJAA, and NCAA, call the the Champion, a NATIONAL CHAMPION, when in fact the teams are only located in the northeast? Why don't they just call it NCAA CHAMPIONSHIP, or NJCAA CHAMPIONSHIP, because it is not technically "NATIONAL", it does not include the whole United States of America, like NCAA, NJCAA, College World Series!

You can get almost all of this information from our College Lacrosse pages, but for the sake of your question I will tell you that there are 267 division 1, 2, and 3 NCAA teams and each division has its own national champion. The MCLA has 211 teams and it has its own National Championship format. And the NCLL has another 100+ teams and its own championships.

I agree with you that it is unfortunate that there are so many club teams that are not full varsity programs that do not participate in a true national championship, but it is what it is for now.

In defense of the NCAA it has added around 40 teams in the past 3 years and I can can say that while its national championship is limited to a very small segment of all of college lacrosse, and those universities are located primarily in the north east the NCAA national champions are champions of the NCAA nationally. I know I'm splitting hairs and I agree with you that it is kind of over represented due to the fact the NCAA does not have a true Lacrosse presence nationally. There is no question that the highest level of Lacrosse at the college level is found in the NCAA. Due primarily to funding and scholarship opportunities.

There are many good opportunities to play lacrosse after high school and the dis-jointed nature of the sport at the college level and the many organizations that make up college Lacrosse should not discourage anyone from participating.

I think that all indications are that College lacrosse will continue to grow in popularity as the youth and high school clubs do. And that more and more teams will join the ranks of the major college organizations. I have seen at least 60 new additions to the list of schools participating in the past 3 years and that is going to continue I believe.

Another great question thank you.

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