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Shooting Gallery

by Coach Wamer

How to setup the drill

How to setup the drill

Purpose: To develop the give-and-go tactic and finish with a shot

Number of Players: 8 (4 attackers, 4 midfielders)

Equipment: 1 goal, 4 cones, 10 balls

Skill Level: Beginner – Intermediate


1) Set the playing field up as the illustration above. The square grid should be 10-by-10 yards
and should be 10 yards from the goal line.
2) The drill begins with the attacking players with the ball.
3) The first attackers (A1 & A2) will pass the ball to the first midfielders in line (M1 & M2)
4) The attacker will then cut to the goal and receive the pass from the midfielder they just
passed to, this will complete the give and go.
5) The attackers will finish with a shot.
6) The attackers and midfielders will rotate for 3-5 complete rotations and then you can switch
in fresh players or rotate the attackers to the midfielder position and vice versa, depending
on your number of players.

Coaching Points:

All passes or feeds should be done with the players in motion. The player should receive the
pass on the run to simulate gemlike situations. Run this drill ½ to ¾ speed until players become
proficient enough to go full speed. Try a variety of passes, such as bounce passes as players get
more comfortable. Also encourage attackers to “paint the post”, which refers to shooting
overhand. This is important because it protects the ball from checking.

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