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Sore Lacrosse feet question

by Meghan

I have two boys that have been playing for 3 years each...they are in 5th grade...we live in a wet area and their games are sometime on turf and sometimes on grass..their feet are killing them..what should they wear? turf shoes or cleats..and what kind would you recommend?


Another fantastic question. Check our pages on Lacrosse shoes I think you will find some good info there.

The type of cleat really does depend on the turf. On most of the newer synthetic fields you can wear plastic or rubber cleats as well as on grass.

But on the older turf fields cleats tend to slip especially when wet and regular sneakers or turf shoes are better.

As far as the sore feet question it really depends there are numerous possible reasons why their feet could be sore. I would strongly suggest that you see a doctor to make sure there are no larger issues.

That said, most sore feet problems have to do with tired feet from poorly fitting shoes. Wet feet also contribute, and it is important to try to keep their feet as dry as you can.

Good luck and great question!

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Nov 07, 2012
nike landsharks for ur kids
by: Anonymous

get football cleats. nike landsharks are great on grass and turf. my school has both

Mar 28, 2012
Look into Severs
by: laxmom

We are seeing an EPIDEMIC of Severs Disease here - its not contagious - basically it is the bones growing faster than the tendons. The tight tendons put pressure on the growth plates. Normally it is not that noticeable, but with our kids (esp. boys) playing so hard and often, the growth plate becomes very inflamed. Seeing it in our area across all sports - lax, baseball (lax players aren't sure why :) ) , soccer, basketball, etc. Most prevalent in boys 10-14. Seeing many on crutches for periods. We have been dealing with it for 2 years. Supposed to stop @ 16 when the feet stop growing!

Special insoles DO help. Good luck!

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