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X Feeding Drill

by Kort

red = offence. green = defence. black lines = movement. blue lines = ball movement

red = offence. green = defence. black lines = movement. blue lines = ball movement

Overview: This drill practices feeding the ball from X to a cutting middie.

The Drill: To start put two of your best passing attack on either side of the crease. Then form two lines of middies on left and right sides of the field. Have the middies cut across the field to the crease in the direction of the opposite attack. When the attack judges the middie is within range to get a good shot off, he gives a quick pass to the middie who then makes a quick shot. Repeat with the other side. To ad a realistic game scenario add a defender on the crease to create an obstacle that the x man has to pass through and the middie has to shoot around.

1) For middies, try to make the cut quick but not so fast that you cannot use your stick.
2) Focus on making the process of catching then shooting one quick movement.
3) For the x man, use your judgment on if the middie is in a good position and try to give him a pass he can do something with.
4) Watch out for the crease defender and the goalie. They will be trying to pick your pass off. If your passing is good enough, try to give a little head or stick fake to the opposite side of where you are passing.
5) Middies, as you may or may not know, it is essential that you are able to pass, shoot, and cradle lefty and righty. Be sure to change lines after you shoot so you can be familiar with both. If you are a beginner this will feel awkward you wont be very good but stick with it.

Extra Tip: If your lefty or righty skills are really lacking and it is hurting your performance in games, I recommend this method of becoming more comfortable with your bad hand. In your daily life off the field, try using your bad hand for everyday things. Obviously not writing but try drinking, eating, picking things up, and turning things on with your bad hand.

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