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Coaching HS Coach Conflict of Interest

Is it a conflict of interest for a high school head coach to also own a for profit club team, and he pressures the parents to have their son's play on his for profit club team so that their skills will be good enough to play for his high school team?

This is a question I get often, and I always say this: On the surface the answer is no. It is not a conflict of interest for a coach to run a for profit club, and also coach the high school team. And of course that coach would want his high school kids to participate on the club team as well. That is the best way to improve your kids by immersing them as much as possible in that coaches program. And he or she would of course want to ENCOURAGE (not require or pressure) the kids to play on both teams. And he would of course want all of his kids to participate. It is completely reasonable that a kid who does both will be much better prepared than a kid who doesn't. There is no substitute for practicing and playing more. Kids who do get better than kids who do not. And teams that do are better prepared than teams that don't. I sympathize with the coaches concern. And the vast majority of coaches have nothing but the best intentions for the kids.

However, the club team has to be optional. It can't be required.

The conflicts of interest come into play when kids are required to pay the "Coach" for the club team in order to play on the high school team. Or when kids who's parents that cant afford the club team or who play other sports are not allowed to play on the high school team, or are not given a fair chance to play on the high school team. This is a conflict of interest in my opinion for obvious reasons. The coach could potentially have a profit motive especially if he is truly making money (most don't make money).

Kids should never on a high school team be given preferential treatment for the amount of money the parents contribute. I have experienced this kind of gross conflict of interest personally, and it is repulsing. I actually quit coaching a team for those specific reasons where kids were playing based on the amount of money contributed.

Now, that being said, lets face facts. Even if the coach has no profit motive, It is very hard for some coaches not to naturally form some bias toward the club kids and give them preferential

treatment when it comes to the high school team. This is human nature. It is very easy for that coach to have some bias on multiple levels. The club kids tend to be favorites, because they are the kids he sees the most, and his mind those kids are working the hardest. But when they are also putting money in his pocket, the possibility and perception of a conflict of interest is very real. The coach loses some credibility for sure whenever there is even a hint of a possibility that it could be profit motivated.

There are ways the coach can relieve concerns. number one: make the finances of the club publicly available. How much money is going into the coaches pocket and how much are expenses? Most clubs lose money or break even.

Another tool to minimize the perception of a conflict of interest for that coach is for him to make it very clear, that playing on his club is not a requirement of any kind, and show that by giving all the kids an equal opportunity when the high school season starts. It is fair for the coach to say. "The kids on the club will be better prepared and probably ahead of the kids who don't play." That statement is true. But it has to be optional. And kids who don't play club ball have to be given a fair chance. A good tool for the coach is to offer free clinics and off season practices for the kids who are not playing on the club team to help catch them up. Of course insurance is always a necessity even for a free clinic. And field space can also cost, so it may not be completely free, but you get the idea.

You also have to be realistic if you are the parent of the kids who cant afford the club, or don't have the time or who have other interests. There is a trade off. You have to understand that your kid will not be as well prepared and he or she will probably be behind as a result. That is reality. And saying that as a coach to you is not unfair or a conflict by itself. It is a fact.

Most coaches have the best intentions. They just want to teach your kids. And they want them to succeed. I praise the coaches for what they do. It is not easy. But those coaches who have businesses related to Lacrosse or any sport for that matter have to be ultra careful not to create a conflict of interest.

I hope that helps,


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Oct 22, 2015
Conflict or ?
by: Anonymous

Would if a coach, who has no prior relationship with one of his players or their family, decides to become his/her Godfather? Does that take the coach/player relationship to a new level? The coach, in this case, is a paid employee of a club, which probably has no rules against this, so is their a breach of integrity here? I don't believe most coaches would go this far, what do you think?

Aug 21, 2014
I Disagree
by: Anonymous

You are not addressing the situation where there are other leagues available in a community and they are being hurt by the fact that the High School coach in question is using passive/aggressive statements like, "don't you think your child should be playing on the club team that our high school endorses"? This has actually happened in our town and I believe that some for profit clubs put their coaches in high school situations to push the players to use their club in the off season and also advise them on the dangers of going with the club that does not have a high school coach in place. I hope this makes sense. I believe it is a terrible conflict of interest for high school coaches to be allowed to own or run a youth league while remaining a Varsity High School Coach.

Nov 08, 2012
coaches conflict of interest
by: Anonymous

can a asst high school coach be an asst coach when he has his son on that team and gives special treatment to his son.

Apr 27, 2012
unfair treatment of summer league and high school kids
by: Anonymous

high school is a time where you join many different groups or sports and they often have more options then some small schools have. kids are encoureged to get into as many activities as they can. some students take a interest later than others do and it is not right that kids that do summer leagues and are able to have any advantage over other schoolmates. in softball the coach should have different signs for gameplays for the summer league and high school ball that way they all have the same advantage.

Sep 29, 2010
WRONG - it clearly IS a conflict of interest
by: Anonymous

Who wrote this article? A money making High School coach???

Aug 30, 2010
Conflict of Interest
by: Anonymous

Hey Texas!
This is the same situation in Greenwich CT, but the cost is higher (lol). It's a definite conflict of interest. I'm writing to the town government (the employee handbook clearly states that a town employee cannot conduct this type of business), the state, and I think I'll get fox 5 news involved --it's ridiculous that this hasn't been stopped already. It's been going on here for MANY years. I'm going to continue writing anyone and everyone until they are stopped! The coaches should be ashamed of themselves.

Aug 29, 2010
Dallas, Texas
by: Anonymous

In Dallas, Texas this is going on gang busters with a program. There are a bunch of high school coaches that have gotten together to form a club organization and they are flat out telling kids at the youth and high school level that they will not play on their high school team unless they participate in the club. It costs almost $2000 to join the program and they cancel the practices all of the time and don't make them up.

This has been their second summer of operation. When they go away to tournaments in the summer they get slaughtered and the parents are very upset.

What is the recourse for something like this? What do we do as parents about this? There are other more reputable youth teams that go away during the summer here but they only take away their own players and only seek outside players when they have a positional need.

Aug 23, 2010
Definite Conflict of Interest!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: Anonymous

I guess you don't live in Greenwich CT!

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